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CW Battrick Cup (season 13)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Epic match, went right down to the wire. Good chase in the end, good total set in the first dig too. Well done Adam!
Haha, who? Cheers though, really thought we'd thrown it away there at the end. I suspect if Smith's players were at full fitness it would've been a different story. Apologies to all for spamming up the thread in my nervousness.


International Regular
The C just stands for ****.

Smitteh is laptopless, going to look at it tomorrow, hence the no posting.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Been smsing him throughout the day. Needless to say, he's fuming, claiming witchcraft and sorcery are involved.


International Captain
Just updated the CW Battrick Cup honours board.

         Winner                Runner up          Semi Finalists
Cup I    Boggles               Whenuapai CC       Anchormen, Scaly Piscine
Cup II   Whenuapai CC          Asterix XI         Anchormen, Boggles
Cup III  Asterix XI            Scaly Piscine CC   Whenuapai CC, Citizens Erased
Cup IV   Withington Wonderers  Whenuapai CC       Scaly Piscine, College Dropouts
Cup V    Whenuapai CC          Scaly Piscine CC   Asterix XI, Anchormen
Cup VI   Asterix XI            Scaly Piscine CC   Withington Wonderers, Cymru Gurgitaters
Cup VII  Scaly Piscine CC      Jaffna Jets        Jamees 999ers, Magical Ponies
Cup VIII Asterix XI            Four Pillars       Dynamo Morpork, Magical Ponies
Cup IX   Asterix XI            Beard XI           Central Districts, Four Pillars
Cup X    Asterix XI            Central Districts  Anchormen, Jaffna Jets
CUP XI   Magical Ponies        Central Districts  Alternative XI, Withington Wonderers

                      W  RU SF QF
Asterix XI            5  1  1  2
Whenuapai CC          2  2  1  3
Scaly Piscine         1  3  2  0
Withington Wonderers  1  0  2  2
Magical Ponies        1  0  2  1
Boggles               1  0  1  2
Central Districts     0  2  1  1
Four Pillars & Poor   0  1  1  2
Central Districts     0  2  1  1
Jaffna Jets           0  1  1  1
Beard XI              0  1  0  0
Anchormen             0  0  4  1
College Dropouts      0  0  1  4
Cymru Gurgitaters     0  0  1  2
Jamees 999ers         0  0  1  2
Citizens Erased       0  0  1  2
Dynamo Morpork        0  0  1  1
Alternative XI        0  0  1  1
VCC                   0  0  0  3
Dalmeny CC            0  0  0  2
AA for President      0  0  0  2
Bushpigs              0  0  0  2
Lancashire            0  0  0  2
Vindscreen Vipers     0  0  0  1
Viveash               0  0  0  1
Got Spin              0  0  0  1
Pup                   0  0  0  1
Coco's Nuts           0  0  0  1
Connells Estates CC   0  0  0  1


International Captain
A nice tournament all round. Well done, AndyC. Whilst Battrick at Cricketweb still looks to be slowing down, I hold out high hopes that we can have this event again in a season's time.


State Vice-Captain
Indeed -- it's been good, with some tight games and a couple of shocks.

Hopefully I'll not be quite so busy this time next season. If someone could do a match report of the final, I'd be grateful. If not, I'll try to get one up tomorrow during my lunch break.

Congrats Andy -- you've justified my ranking system!