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CW Batstats Rankings


State Vice-Captain
My ratings on GFI.

Respectable (3*7) - 21
Mediocre (4*5) - 20
Abysmal (4*2) - 8
Competent (4*6) - 24
Mediocre (1*5) - 5
Feeble (1*4) - 4

That's a total of 82. Not too bad considering I've been playing less than two full seasons.


International Captain
My best team on GFI would something like this

Respectable (if Cherry is fully fit)

Any guru know how many pionts that gets


Cricketer Of The Year
Just beat it, 227.

Asterix XI
Top Order: elite
Middle Order: wonderful
Lower Order: feeble
Seam Bowling: elite
Spin Bowling: exquisite
Fielding: mediocre
That's 225 by my count... 60 + 52 + 16 + 60 + 32 + 5 = 225. But good effort. Wasn't even a middle order stacking effort :ph34r:

My best team on GFI would something like this

Respectable (if Cherry is fully fit)

Any guru know how many pionts that gets
'twould depend on how many spinners you have. If just the one, 89. If two, 90.
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Cricketer Of The Year
Wouldn't really make a difference, the middle order rating counts for more than the top order but that's because it's more difficult to get a good middle order rating. My batstats ratings were higher when I put my best batsmen in the top order.


Cricketer Of The Year
Yeah, of course the multiplier accounts for the number of batsmen, but ratings always seem to be more flattering with a stronger middle order. Don't ask me why, but just as an example.

PAN (stacking top order):
masterful top order
mediocre middle order

Batstats: 71

PAN (stacking middle order)
competent top order
exceptional middle order

Batstats: 74

And then on GFI...

GFI (Gray & Bhutia top, Mcmillan middle)
exceptional top order
strong middle order

Batstats: 78

GFI (Gray top order, Bhutia & Mcmillan middle order)
quality top order
remarkable middle order

Batstats: 81

Sure, you could simply say it was coincidence that I had high masterful/mediocre or low quality/remarkable.. but I think you'll find there's something much more sinister at work here ;)


Cricket Web Content Updater
Batstats rating = (Top Order x 3) + (Middle Order x 4) + (Lower Order x 4) + (Seam Bowling x # of seamers) + (Spin Bowling x # of spinners) + (Fielding).

Alternative XI
Top Order: Strong
Middle Order: Strong
Lower Order: woeful
Seam Bowling: remarkable
Spin Bowling: respectable
Fielding: feeble

9 * 3 = 27
9 * 4 = 36
3 * 4 = 12
12 * 3 = 36
7 * 2 = 14
4 * 1 = 4
TOTAL = 129


Cricketer Of The Year
FFS, this stupid inability to edit after a day or two thing has kicked in. Most pointless thing ever.

anyway -

CW Batstats Rankings
1. Asterix XI (225)
2. Anchormen (164)
3. Magical Ponies (160)
4. Whenuapai CC (159)
5. Dynamo Morpork (157)
6. Jaffna Jets (149)
7. Four Pillars and Poor Fillers (140)
8. Boggles (137)
9. Jamee 999ers (135)
10. Alternative XI (129)
11. Central Districts (123)
12. Opening Balance (120)
13. Tawonga Tigers (113)
14. Brackenhurst (102)
15. Tamil Eelam CC (86)
16. The Heath CC (82)

Aggregate: 2181
Average: 136.3


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
ITSTL, tozzer has a better batstats rating, yet i've beaten him all 4 times we've played.

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Scaly Piscine CC
Top Order: superb
Middle Order: remarkable
Lower Order: woeful
Seam Bowling: phenomenal
Spin Bowling: remarkable
Fielding: mediocre

That was my last FC game (5 bowlers used) 176 I make it. Should improve quite quickly next season when my morale isn't pessimistic and I've a trainee or two instead of fillers.

Might GFI a BT20 game just for the hell of it.


State 12th Man
Male Models
Top Order: respectable
Middle Order: mediocre
Lower Order: abysmal
Seam Bowling: competent
Spin Bowling: proficient
Fielding: feeble

If I'm right that's 102.


Central Districts
remarkable = 36
respectable = 28
woeful = 12
quality = 33
wonderful = 26
mediocre = 5

= 140, correct me if I'm wrong.

EDIT: Hahaha, exactly the same as Dwyer.

Dead Badger

State 12th Man
GFI'd my last match for the hell of it:

Top Order:	superb
Middle Order:	respectable
Lower Order:	abysmal
Seam Bowling:	superb (3)
Spin Bowling:	strong (2)
Fielding:	feeble
(3*10) + (4*7) + (4*2) + (3*10) + (2*9) + 4 = 118.

With which I pronounce myself well pleased, especially with the bowling which, if I recall correctly, started the season at resp/feeb.