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Cricket stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread


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Was going through old HK club cricket scorecards and came across this gem:

All 10 batters out for ducks! The not out batter was on 0 too, 23 all out with 23 wides! A Women's T20 league game from 2015. Lol.
Incredible that they won by seven runs with four overs to spare.


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Rob Key appointed as head honcho of the England set up. Possibly the greatest appointment in English cricket history!


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Strangely the fourth tournament was organised over the same weekend as the World Cup final, as nine men made their way to Hong Kong. Split into three groups, Rice saw off the challenge of Greg Matthews and Phil Edmonds (in for the injured Imran), Dermot Reeve caused a shock in knocking out Botham and Lal, with Hadlee narrowly squeaking past Marshall and Rumesh Ratnayake.

With the all-rounders playing in purple kits, the fielders in green, and with an orange ball, Hadlee described it all as “a gimmicky, fun competition,” providing some extra revenue for the players. Umpires were even provided pocket televisions to be used for any debatable decisions, in an extremely early example of technology entering the sport.


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Came across this video found it quite nostalgic of my younger days reminded me of ramadan nights at most Pakistani house holds Babz comes across as quite an everyday regular Pakistani lad


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WG Grace has had 10 matches removed from his First Class record. Shouldn’t happen retrospectively. One day a nitwit will realise the First Test was nothing of the sort and change the record books.


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Am I correct in saying that, in every test match a certain Don Bradman played, the team who won the toss chose to bat first?


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Am I correct in saying that, in every test match a certain Don Bradman played, the team who won the toss chose to bat first?
dunnow if true but makes perfect sense if you think about it

Playing against Bradman - why the **** would I choose to bowl first
Playing with Bradman - obviously I want to bat first


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Very little reason to bowl first on uncovered pitches. One was when England got bowled out for 52 at the Oval - that pitch started wet and might well have been the only case during Bradman's career when the wrong choice was made.

You might ask about green pitches - those don't seem to have been common (over preparation was very much in vogue at the time) and are really more of a covered pitch era feature.
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