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Bucknor to umpire fifth WC final


Hall of Fame Member
Porbably the obvious choices. Though not to have the best umpire in the world officiating in the biggest match is dissapointing.


Cricket Web Staff Member
And if he gave a crucial decision in Australia's favour at a crucial time?

IMO taking away any remote suspicion of bias, especially in such an important game, is the only way to go.

Everyone who is serious about the matter realises that independent Umpires are not a result of bias, but a result of the suspicion of bias. However good an Umpire is, that will never, ever go away. The only way to stop it is to remove all Umpires from matches involving their own team.


U19 Vice-Captain
Aleem Dar will partner Bucknor. I can't disagree with the choice, he's had a solid WC. Rudy Koertzen is 3rd umpire . 8-)


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Dar concerns me more than Bucknor, from an Aussie point of view - just don't think our blokes have a good rapport with him.


State Captain
Don't think Jason would like that - given he thinks Kiwi umps are biased in Australia's favour!
if taufel would be little biased in favor of the aussie being a kiwi than wont Dar be in favor of the lankans being an asian?


Cricket Web Staff Member
Matt79 wasn't being serious... I'm evidently not the only one to have my sarcasm missed.