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Bowling problem during run-up


Cricket Spectator
I have a problem I wish to solve. I have a short run up (about 8 paces) and I bowl slow-medium pace. My main problem has always been that when running up to bowl, I keep looking at the crease - so as not to over-step. I don't visualise the batsman, or the stumps, or the keeper, or where I would like the ball to pitch. My eyes are just pointed down. Consequently, my coil-up and delivery are rushed and my length is poor and my line is unpredictable. No two deliveries are the same. How do I stop looking at the crease - even though I know my rhythm and number of paces? How do I look up at my target area instead? Thank you.

Son Of Coco

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Put something on the pitch at the spot you want to hit and focus on that. Then practice your run throughs. If it's practice, it doesn't matter if you bowl a no ball. I'd use either a camera or someone to spot where you front foot is landing though to give you feedback. This way you can gain confidence in the fact your current run up won't see you bowl no balls and/or adjust where necessary. Once you get it locked in, you won't worry about your front foot.