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BL cricket can learn a lot from tennis games

Triple Crown

Cricket Spectator
Having played a few tennis games on the xbox, I made some comparisons with cricket.

You're standing there about to fend off a ball which is coming at you at 150km/h, not unlike cricket. Yet most tennis games dont use the bowling aiming system like in the older version of BLC99/SWC99. And when receiving you have to respond to the ball wherever it is hit to you by watching it in the air & off the court.

The best example of this is in "Top Spin", on xbox.

Of this kind of bowling/shot making decision process could be employed in the game it would be great.

Can anyone else think of a game that BLC2005 could emulate?


Cricket Spectator
How about baseball games??

Most baseball games (EA's MVP series and Sega's ESPN series) are absolutely brilliant when it comes to graphics, gameplay and fun factor. And whats more, they are getting better and better.

The problem obviously is, if the demand for cricket games is not as high as baseball games (which it isn't) the publishers and developers don't put the required resources into the game development process and the result is bad games. The EA cricket series is the best example of this. Lets hope this game atleast has solid gameplay, which can create a fan base and a good stepping stone for future games.


U19 Debutant
The main problem is money. Games which will sell a sh*tload of copies (ie. NBA Live, MVP Baseball, NHL series etc.) will have a bigger budget, Cricket games will have only a fraction of popular games like the ones above so you'll get a dodgey game with a low budget


State Vice-Captain
well EA have ****LOADS of money.. there pockets are amazingly deep

they should just pump it all into a cricket game.. and see how it does..

They may say now "Well we wont make a good game cause not enuff people bought the last ones" .. i bet they say that about the cricket + rugby games.

But the truth is there games suck.. thats the reason people did not buy them..


Cricket Spectator
I think you're being harsh on EA. Fair enough all their earlier cricket games were poor, but C2004 itself is a good game and even better when you tweak the gameplay. Of course it could be better, but you can say that about most games.


MoxPearl said:
But the truth is there games suck.. thats the reason people did not buy them..
Nah, its the fact that crickets main support is on the subcontinent where you can't find a genuine game for love nor money... Its a case of reaping what is sown by the criminals..

MVP Baseball 2005 is absolutely astonishing.. Both in graphics and gameplay.. EA bashing ceases as soon as I play that, absolutely breathtaking...


Cricket Spectator
I'm not going to bash EA, cause atleast they make an effort at the game. Codemasters was gone from the scene for so long, cause obviously they didn't think they could make money out of the sport (be it, cause they didn't think they could make a good game, or cause they thought the market was small).

EA games have been really weak, but when you think about it, the development teams that makes these games are probably 1/4 the size of the MVP or Madden series. PLUS, as Langeveldt pointed out, even tho a lot of people watch and follow the sport, its main concentration is in the sub-continent, which is not really a gaming market. When Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sell 50+ million consoles (of that generation) in India, thats when cricket games will get good. Until then, just keep fighting the good fight.