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Best/Favourite Cricketing Venues?


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Hmm, yes - not the best picture ever of it... my old high school is at the bottom left of that photo. We used to hear the explosions from the quarry (top left) about twice a day.


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New Wanders, Jo'burg, walking out to bat with a sell out crowd, and your on the opposition and when walking down the player's race with the fan's chanting that you things with farmyard animals that is just plain wrong, would get me motivated to make a big score.

A packed MCG, the bigger the crowd, the better.


Sudeep said:
Table mountains?
Nah.. Geography lesson needed methinks..

Table mountain is on the Cape Peninsula which juts out to sea south of Cape Town.. Paarl is a town about 60km inland from Cape Town and is nestled in the Hottentot-Holland mountains. To be fair, most of the Western Cape is as spectacular as Table Mountain, so its easy to get confused.. If you're interested in what the hell im on about you can usually IM me..
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Has anyone seen pictures of the cricket ground in Dharamshala in India with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop...


State Captain
Wanderers and Centurion Park are both great grounds to watch cricket at. Nothing beats sitting on the grass banks at Centurion, watching a Test Match, drinking beer with the sun beating down.
I will be in the UK this year so hopefully I can watch a game at Lord's. How often do they play country games at Lord's?


They play county games at Lords very frequently (Middlesex).. Totally agreed about Centurion, and the chicks :D
I'll be in SA in October, who are they up against next season?


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Nothing beats a packed Carisbrook ( Dunedin ) game.. Dunedin is a university city..( students making up almost all of the population percentage in dunedin ) Gettin drunk off the face guzzling speights and thats basically the character of the whole crowd there... enjoying the game to its fullest..