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Best Crowd Comments


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Well we've got a best sledges thread so how about the best comments/chants you've heard come out of the crowd?

I'll start the ball rolling....

"Hey Phil!! Show us your ****!!!"

- from a group of spectators at the SCG to Phil Simmons from the West Indies....to this day I still don't understand it.

Ok..not a great one but its a start.

I also remember a great song about Murali to the tune of "Row row row your boat.." - but can't remember the exact words...anyone?


International Vice-Captain
Butterteeth said:
I also remember a great song about Murali to the tune of "Row row row your boat.." - but can't remember the exact words...anyone?
It ends "Murali, murali, murali, murali, chucks it like a dream" I think.


Hall of Fame Member
Do we have to stick to cricket? A wag in the crowd in Oamaru at the Highlanders v Reds pre-season match yelled out to the referee (a almost bald Lyndon Bray) "what's the matter? Is your hair in your eyes?"


Cricket Web Staff Member
Best sporting comment of all time was said to me at a football match between Derby County and Finn Harps in the UEFA Cup in 1977. The match was so one-sided it was untrue - Derby led at half time by the ridiculous scoreline of 9-0, yet for about 20 minutes, Finn Harps had held on gamely before the floodgates opened with a vengeance.

Anyway, just before the half time whistle went, an old chap who wasn't that sprightly asked me what the score was, so I told him. His reply will strain the CW filters but there's no way that translating it wouldn't detract from the impact:

"F*** me. I just went for a s*** and missed seven goals."


State Vice-Captain
NZ vs Aus - Test match Eden Park, 2000

Man "Hey Slater, what's you average? 5!"

Slater "Yeah! 5 better than you average mate!"

Slater laughs. Pleased with himself.

Crowd hushed.

Crowd laugh at Slater.

Slater turns around in huff.


Cricket Spectator
there were some wicked banners being held up at yesterdays ODI between WI and NZL. I vaguely remember some tongue in cheek humorous take on Mark Richardson being in there

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Chris Gayle hits Astle for four.

"We paid to see Brian, not Chris."

Chris Gayle is out to the next ball. Lara plays a 1-ball innings.

Fleming takes Bond out of the attack for Franklin.

"No. Not Franklin! Bowl me!"

Franklin bowls a pedestrian spell.

Barney Rubble

International Coach
Guy in front of me on the last day at the Oval last year:

"97mph? That's no good Brett, you wanna get your pace up a bit! I could hit that, and I'm only slightly better than Damien Martyn!"

Then there was a good thousand or so of us singing "Stand up if you're 2-1 up" - obviously we all stood up - and Glenn McGrath, fielding at third man just in front of us, then, after turning and looking at us, proceeded to do a groin stretch which involved sitting down. :laugh:


Cricket Spectator
Not a comment from the crowd but I used to play midweek cricket in the local leagues and we had a played called Gav who loved the game but was a real pie eater and spent most of his time complaining about the lack of teas in the shorter midweek version of the game. One evening late in the season the captain tossed him the bowl and Gav was over the moon with his opportunity to show us all what he could do. The ump turned and asked him what he would be bowling to which Gav replied in the gruffest northern accent you'll ever hear "Right arm assorted shii!iite!" We fell about laughing as the ball right anywhere but towards the stumps. Great times :-D
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