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Battle of the Rugby World Cup players


International Vice-Captain
~sigh~ Being too young, I have no idea about the 1991 WC, whilst the 1999 is distant, so I'm going to go for Johnny.


International Coach
Horan> wilkinson any day...1991 champion 1999 champion, wilkinson can kick. horan can tear teams apart by running.


State Vice-Captain
Not seeing Martin Johnson in the last four makes me a sad panda...

I have no idea about Horan vs. Wilkinson...


Hall of Fame Member
Jonny Wilkinson (England)

A bit like Kenny, haven't seen enough of the 1991 WC to really vote for Horan over Johnny.


Bah, they're tied up at 7-7 so I get the casting vote. Was reeeeeeeally hoping someone else would vote. Contrary to every patriotic pommy urge in my body I'll have to give it to Horan. Probably the best centre I've seen & usually stepped up when it mattered too.

Who'll join him in the final?

2nd Semi

John Eales (Australia)


Jonah Lomu (New Zealand)

The two-time winner who was equally at home with the kicking tee as in a line-out versus the barrelling force of nature who's the all-time leading try scorer in world cups. It's up to you...