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Backyard Baseball-Cricket


Cricketer Of The Year
Due to several changes to the previous game, backyard cricket was changed dramatically to accommodate for the playing surface. Due to too many balls going next door the idea of limiting the scoring area so it was settled that baseball plates would come into place so that if the ball did go nextdoor it would only be at the back of their property. With this game balls, strikes, fowls and general baseball rules. Also added to the game was the many trees as fielders, proving impossible to go over the top. However what remained the same was the idea of scoring runs, batting and bowling. Basically it was cricket with baseball restrictions.

James v The Foxtrot
Trial game number 1

The Foxtrot

The Foxtrot---0---0---0---6---31---7

I win 86-44

The game started slowly with camoflaged balls and pace bowling. So generally after 5 months away from the game some strikes were understandable. The rules were then changed so that only spin bowling was allowed and the results were immediate. The batsmen started to get their eye in and I led the way with a well composed 11. The Foxtrot came in to bat and smashed one back at the bowler when on 6. After a couple of juggles the ball hit the deck and the innings continued. On 13 an edge hit the top of the trampoline (wicketkeeper) and rolled away. Dropped twice and the frustration mounted. The frustration then lifted another level as two sixes when back over the bowlers head when on "Strike 2". Eventually the innings was closed on a mammoth 31.

18 needed to make The Foxtrot bat again. A hard ask one might say. I battled my way to that total then on 20 the ball was skied and fell just short of the mid-on mahogany. It was a chanceless fifty brought up with a safe drive through midwicket for two. The ball was skied again onto the roof, however it bounced off over the boundary and a six was awarded. On 61 a firm drive went low and to the right of the bowler who rappidy stuck out the leg on reflexes. It was a great stop...temporarily as the ball kept rolling from contact by the foot to the longest boundary for four. Soon after the innings was closed and 50 was required for victory.

The Foxtrot, already tired from chasing the ball to the boundary several times apathetically got the bat. One strike two he bunted and all the bowler had to do was pick the ball up, a misfield however moved the score onto 5. From there it went downhill as on strike two, The Foxtrot walked down the wicket with the bat ready to bunt. James90 saw him coming and slipped in a halftrack googly. The result, strike 3 and victory by 42 runs.

More to come...

The Foxtrot

U19 12th Man
hey hey hey,
that is not fair, i have my excuses for crashing and burning. I WAS INJURED!!!! so i couldn't run and /or bowl. Not like i could bowl anyway *cough*. but that is besides the point, the point is...i was injured and that is the reason i lost. i could beat you any day anytime anywhere, just not when i am injured or past my bed time. Se i am the much better cricketer no matter how many times you say you beat me ( Refer to other posts of James 90) i was always injured. What kind of name is that anyway, i mean James 90, like that is the oldest thing since mouldy bread. And that incident where i kick the ball for i meant to do that because i am also better at soccer than him, and also basketball, ice hockey, rugby,extreme ironing, hopscotch, and any other sport you can think of, including underwater-origami-ball-whilst-eating-a-sandwhich-and playing-a-grand piano. Unless of course i am injured
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Cricketer Of The Year
Game 2

The Foxtrot---17--8--2---0---1....28

James90 wins by an innings and 7 runs

The Foxtrot

U19 12th Man
Injured. There is nothibng else to add except that i was injured. That is why we stopped the game short of 9 innings.



Cricketer Of The Year
Backyard Thirty30 - Game 1

The name of the game is Thirty30. 1 innings for each team comprising of 30 balls. 2 overs pace, 2 overs spin and the 5th over of your choice. 3 wickets and you're all out

The Foxtrot 3/36(4)
James90 0/34(5)

The Foxtrot got off to a strong start after the initial soft dismissal (edging a longhop on the 3rd ball of the innings). He attacked the spinners with style, smashing numerous boundaries into the neighbouring property. At 1/28 after 2.4 overs a huge total looked likely, however James90 drew The Foxtrot out of his crease and beat him with spin. 2/32 going into the 4th over, James90 brought back the pace and beat the bat numerous times before The Foxtrot edged a straight one into the gloves of the tramapoline.

James90 started the chase cautiously, batting out the first over of pace. 0/6 after 1. The spinners came on and James90 started to come out of his shell and played a few nice shots threw the offside. The total could have been a lot more had it not been for some sharp fielding from the nearby plants. The plants continued to stop runs in the fourth over and it looked like a grandstand finish with 12 runs needed off the last over

4.1 The Foxtrot to James90, FOUR, Low fulltoss on offstump, James90 comes onto the front foot and smashes it through mid-off. Brilliant shot.
4.2 The Foxtrot to James90, two runs, Full ball, prods forward, ball rolls through the covers they come back for two
Slight interruption as the ball is looked for
4.3 The Foxtrot to James90, no run, Good length swinging away, James90 gets drawn forward and beaten. Just missed the stumps
4.4 The Foxtrot to James90, three runs, Full toss, James90 opens the face of the bat and runs it to mid off. The ball continues to roll down the hill as The Foxtrot chased hard
3 needed off 2
4.5 The Foxtrot to James90, no run, Good length outside off, James90 tries to work it down the hill on the offside, doesn't connect
4.6 The Foxtrot to James90, no run, He wins it! James90 backs away to give himself room. The Foxtrot fires it in short, James90 has a mighty swing but just misses

The Foxtrot wins a tight game which went down to the last ball.
Too bad Nath didn't put money on that one


International Vice-Captain
I watched that game incidentally, I stalked you James, know where you live now... :ph34r:

The Foxtrot

U19 12th Man
Thirty30 - Game 2

Well this was the most conclusive result.

First of all the first 50 ever hit in that backyard scored by none other then myself and James90 crashing and burning to a miserable 17 runs after 3 wickets. I scored a well deserved 50 from 0 wickets. i was 0 for 10 off 1 then 0 for 20 off 2 then 0 for 30 off 3 then 0 for 42 off 4 and then a final score of 50 flat

James was 1 six and out and two caught behind when swinging wildly at the ball
in the end ben wins by three wickets and 33 runs.
Ben leads series 2-0


Cricketer Of The Year
After I lost the first ball we decided we'd take a break and when I returned the sun was directly in my eyes. All I could see was an outline off a moving sphere. And I wasn't swinging wildly ever


Cricketer Of The Year
"WAS" Richard
First day we'd played in like 6 months and from that day forward he've been firing them in. Not soft at all IMO.

The Foxtrot

U19 12th Man
Well it is now summer holidays and one would think that James 90 and oursleves would continue from where we left off. However we had i mishap. I ended up in Japan for the Christmas adn New Years break. Ah well not to worry. I get back to Australia on the 16th of January, two more weeks and maybe, just maybe James and i may get one game in to end the holidays. Well i do go back to school on the 24th of January. so Maybe an oppurtunity to play two games.

The Foxtrot

U19 12th Man
9 days before back in Australia, then this post will get going again
First game be a bit slow tho, oh well, hope james90 can handle my pace

Or if i can handle this, haha i sukc at cricket compared to him. On a full length pitch he would cart all around the ground, even a six over the keeper,s head