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Australian Domestic Season 2020/21


Hall of Fame Member
lmao 0 for 436 and the easiest first slip catch you will ever see has been put down

It's against a **** sa attack but jeez what an innings from pucovski, first game as an opener after all the mental battles he's had and just makes a double. Hopefully he gets his **** together, would be a travesty if he never played for aus.
commentators were pointing out the absurdity of it. SA playing at home, with already 2 games under their belt and Vic come straight out of quarantine and this happens.


Hall of Fame Member
I think Burns is gone. Other than Warner, Smith and Labu I don't think any of the other top 6 incumbents should feel safe at all.

tony p

U19 12th Man
It's over, only a stand of 486, Harris, c Nielsen b Agar 239, well done. Pucovski still there on 233.

the big bambino

International Captain
Marnus letting someone else have a bat. I thought Copeland may have been on his last legs, but he seems to have got his mojo back.
Ripping it atm. Checked his cricinfo profile. He's almost 35 and hopefully goes as long for the Bluebaggers as Anderson does for England. His cricinfo profile calls him fast medium which I think is a little generous. Back in the day he'd probably be called medium fast.


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abbott really working the crease, swapping between over and around the wicket almost every second ball


State Vice-Captain
And vic declare with pucovski 255*, would have liked to see him get the triple but still a great innings.