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Australian Domestic Season 2020/21

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Dermo Sabba Abbott again the NSW hero with both bat and ball. A test call up beckons.
This but unironically. I will never really really care about his batting in red ball cricket but the bloke is a seriously good bowler who I'd be happy to see play Tests if there were a few injuries.


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he'll probably end up in the test squad as they seem to enjoy making him sit on the reserves bench


International Coach
Yeah, but was in Barbados not Australia and their opening partnership was 382 so 2nd double was scored after partnership broken...

...so going for first time both openers scored 200 in an unbroken partnership in Australia ;)

tony p

U19 12th Man
Is it possible that Cricket Australia can take away S.A.'s first-class status, they aren't much cop, they would give Nottinghamshire a good match at present, one of them would definitely get a win.


International Captain
Feel for GAS at this moment.

Also cricinfo can do with updating Bryce Street's profile about now.
I was off doing other things most of yesterday so was spared the worst of the carnage, but it never ceases to astound me how South Australia can continue to plumb new depths of incompetence

Well done to Harris and Pucovski, but ultimately these runs should be taken with a hefty dose of context

Agreed fully on the second point, Street is a good example on how dire cricinfo can be regarding having the player imformation there


State Vice-Captain
It's against a **** sa attack but jeez what an innings from pucovski, first game as an opener after all the mental battles he's had and just makes a double. Hopefully he gets his **** together, would be a travesty if he never played for aus.