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Australian Domestic Season 2019/20


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I just can't see Jack making it to test level. He'll be a great servant of Queensland cricket for many years, but like Hopes will not play tests unfortunately (for him). He might get a go in the shorter formats though.
Can't see him adding to his T20I career when in the BBL he bats 10 and bowls 2 overs a game with 0/30


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He had a pretty terrible BBL this summer but so did pretty much the entire Renegades attack. Don't think he's a bad T20 bowler like is being stated

When you are giving someone like Fekete games then Wildermuth is far from the biggest issue


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Wildermuth is a long form bowler anyway, I could see him playing a singular test through various happenings with a stacked top 6 in the post-Paine era.

I use the term stacked relatively speaking, like the stacking of PEWS on a bonfire. #FREESHRI


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Good knock by kurtis Patterson, shame he ran out of partners 6 short of his ton, but still a good innings, hopefully the selectors get there **** right and pick him for bangladesh. Dropping kurtis after he made a ton on Debu still probably the stupidest decision cricket Australia has made in recent memory.


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Peter should have used his hand to bend Gannons elbow not to comb his feet to the ground.
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Absolute disgrace that bloke is still allowed to "bowl". Just a truly terrible look for Australian cricket

Free Shri, Incarcerate Gannon


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i don't believe that. PEWS wouldn't care

Now, if Shri said private property rights are stupid


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I mean yeah, Toombul, Valleys, UQ and maybe a couple of others have always formed the bulk of the Queensland side but these are inner suburbs where a lot of more regional players move to to try and better their cricketing careers. I mean look at Feldman, he is from North Queensland but played for Valleys. Arguably players like Andrew Godes have deserved more shots at first class cricket over the years but when I look over the century makers for the season, half of the guys the have played for Queensland at some point. Floros looks in good nick this season (for example) but I'm not sure I think he's better than any of the guys getting a run ahead of him.

These clubs have the best first grade coaching and are the premiere clubs so they will form the backbone of the Queensland side for years to come. That's not to say the other clubs are ignored, Street is from Sandgate-Redcliffe, Bryant is from the Gold Coast. I'm not sure that the Queensland selectors are doing a bad job to be honest.


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McSweeney made his FC debut before he’d hid a 2 day First Grade ton IIRC.

But the question at the time would have been, if not him then who?


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Never had much hope for Mitch Marsh as he couldn't block a straight one. I've not seen Green play but from what i've read here he seems solid and you can dream he'll be the one Australia has waited for so long. Mid 130s as a bowler is good enough, especially with his height. Big worry is that he seems to find a niggle.
Green bowls in the high 130's, low 140's. Remembering he's only 20.

He's probably the best u/21 fast bowling prospect in Australia at the moment.

He's definitely a much better bowler than batsmen at the moment, which makes him an amazing prospect given his current batting record.

Given the strength of Australia's fast bowling at the moment, it's probably the best possible thing for him to be doing (working on his batting full time).

If he can become a genuine #6 in his own right, the Australian test side will go to a whole new level. On the flip side, if he is in the genuine best 3 fast bowlers in the country, Green coming in at 7 or 8 is also a scary prospect down the track.

He's a much better bowling prospect than Marsh ever was and his record indicates it's the same for his batting. His batting style reminds me a bit of Stokes tbh.
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