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Australian Domestic Season 2019/20

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
All else being equal, Shane Watson still is probably in the best 6 T20 batsmen in the country, right?
Interesting question. He'd be among the first six Australian batsmen I'd pick to play in a domestic league even assuming literally everyone would be available for the whole thing, but I was starting to get the impression in his last couple of BBL seasons that he was a bit past it against international standard bowling in a way that someone like Lynn who'd be hovering around that in that area isn't. He also had a mare in his last JAM T20 franchise series.

I think we might finally be at the point where this isn't really true anymore, at least in the context of a World T20 lineup to play against proper international bowlers.
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Not a chance Watson is in the top 6 imo

I thought Gibson might sneak in before Sangha tbh


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
He'd be in the Top 10, half of our best batsman are pace-on hacks anyway.

Bring back Shri.


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Front pads don't matter when you slaughter billions to make millions.

I'd still have a rusty Watson over an in-form Lynn any day.

Bring back Shri.


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Sibley is having a monstrous tour so far.

Pathetic batting from the Aus A side. Only score of note so far is 30 from Khawaja.


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Jeez for somoene whos only 20 and was picked as a bowler originally Cameron Green is really well organised at the crease.


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You know, if Boland and Tremain weren't bowling for Vics they'd have a winning total at 300.