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Aussies call up Williams


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Interesting, no? I guess the Aussie selectors have finally tired of Andrew Bichel's consistently good performances and are sick of him being in their face all the time with his outstanding bowling at Test, FC and one-day level.

I like the choice but I just feel for Andy. I mean, what else does he need to do???

OT: What's the money that Brad Williams will be groomed to take Jason's place in the event the selectors tire of his injuries??


Cricketer Of The Year
I bet they think he's too slow and his batting has never reached the form he shows in FC cricket...although Gillespie has rarely done better...but these Aussies are picky!

Bichel is there but I suppose they'll give Williams his debut...I mean they don't want to hinder McGrath or Warne's chances of boosting their wicket tallys. I mean Warne is only 60 odd wickets behind Walsh's record and McGrath is nearly at 400...

Ohhhh and there goes my century already!

*Pops open Champagne



Cricket Web Staff Member
I can't see him playing in the second test.

If Australia take a 2-0 lead, though, watch for a debut