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Ashes sub-forum - a success?

Ashes sub-forum

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International Coach
Definitely a good thing. My only gripe is that the most recently used threads didn't appear on the homepage of CW though, so I had to click a few extra times to find the Ashes stuff. Being terminally lazy, this was an issue for me.


Cricket Web Staff Member
I also found it quite annoying having to read and scroll through pages and pages of opinions, just so I could find the reply to my last post. I ended up giving it away in the end.
THIS I think is the crux of the issue, a reason *Official* threads are not for me whilst a series is in progress, because things just go too fast. That's why I'd love it if we could have a subforum for every major series (you know what I mean - those involving teams where we have a wealth of membership of followers amongst the posters here), even though I realise that'd be totally impractical.

I think the situation would have been fascinating if we could only have thought of the concept prior to 2005. Because the truth of the matter is that there would be all sorts of threads in addition to the posts in the *Official* series thread in a sub-forum for said series.

One thing I'd suggest - I'm sure I'm not the first - would it not be better to have -insert series- forum as a CC-internal subforum rather than a CC-external subforum (I'll expand on that if no-one's got a clue what I mean there)

EDIT: aha, Pete's just said the same thing in the post below the one I just quoted from...
I reckon it would have been a greater success if it had been inside CC where the Predictions League is but with the PL there, it doesn't really fit.
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International Coach
Didn't James create a thread in CC that linked to this one? Anyways, it would help to actually have this one in CC I guess. :unsure:


Cricket Web Staff Member
Why on Earth you didn't just remember that before you vote, because it's been discussed before.