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*Archived* Whatever you like....

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Cricketer Of The Year
I had lost the first two and a three ODI series with Pakistan (in my famous West Indies story). Badly. Out for 120 in the first match, managed to get them 6-fer, out for 160 in the second match, they beat that quickly.

Then I'm like.. Alright. Enough is enough. So my entire team is batsmen. From 1 to 11. Go in, I am committed to absolutely tonking the hell out of it. I manage to post 341a.o. off 40 overs, Chanderpaul smashing 146 and Hinds assisting with 71.

Now here is my bowling attack:
C Tuckett
S Campbell
R Hinds
C Gayle
S Chanderpaul

They smash the bowling around, it is a massacre, but awesomely enough, they struggle to 339a.o! I win by 2 runs!
Hinds 10-1-72-2, Gayle 10-0-62-4, and Chanderpaul 9-0-62-3.

Alright. After that ridiculous ODI series, the real deal comes: The test series.

We batted first. After being 5/150, then 7/356, (thanks to a record 159-run 6th wicket partnership between Lara and Hinds - and a record 8th wicket stand of 187 between Hinds and Gayle) we managed to amass 557. Hinds with 188, Lara with 141 and Gayle with 88.

Inspired bowling by Ramnarine (23.1-4-33-4) and McGarrell (24-5-59-5) cut the Pakistani's down to 157, forcing them to follow on, 400 runs behind.

Some more incredible bowling from McGarrel (32-7-57-4. Match figures of 56-12-116-9) and Dillon (20-5-60-3) crippled the Pakistani's again - all out for 233. After being trounced in the ODI series - the West Indies side bounce back in fashion, crushing Pakistan by an innings and 167 runs..

Tom Halsey

International Coach
Nnanden said:
i just got 5/0 in a game with Middlebrook. Can anyone beat that?

And Bryce!! I have all this awesome stuff but I cant get my screenies up! Why oh why?
Middlebrook is class on ICC! :D

(Not that he isn't class IRL.) ;)


You'll Never Walk Alone
Funny Middlebrook should be mentioned.

Last night I was playing a FC Game with a bowling attack of Franks, Hutchison, Fisher and MB. We bat first, dominate, but MB gets injured taking one from a medium-pacer on the chest.

The we bowled. Franks and Hutchy get smacked at `round four an over, even though there is 'Some help for pace' and 'No help for spin'. Fisher comes on and keeps it tight at one end... while McGrath (Anthony) takes 7/26 off 17 overs! I wasn`t complaining... :)

Oh... and I just realised he backed it up with 0/29 off 19 in the second innings! :D


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
What a game I just had. Surrey vs Lancashire, County Championship. I batted first and managed only 243, including debutant S.Newman getting a first ball duck, nice start to his career. Lancashire in reply managed 338, mainly thanks to Fairbrother's 102 not out, defending the tailenders annoyingly well.

So, facing a 95 run deficit I started batted again, managing only 231, Newman doing much better this time, top scoring with 45.

This left Lancashire needing 137 to win. Wasn't looking too good at 45/1. But then Surrey started taking wickets. And plenty of them. Suddenly Lancashire were 121/9. I liked that a lot. But, depressingly, they got to their target for a 1 wicket win.


Hall of Fame Member
Normally one would expect at first innings spell of 8-20 to help bowl the oppo's out for 38 might win you the man of the match award. Certainly if you followed that up with 9-28 in the second innings, making match figures of 17-48 you might be forgiven for placing a large bet on yourself for MOM. Bizarrely, ICC decided that K Robin's 171 was worthy of the MOM over Briers' Brilliance!



International Captain
Ah good ol' Frost and Giles down the order, when i played a career with Warwicks they always saved me.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I just had my worst FC batting performance in a long time, found myself 45/7! Managed to crawl to 103 all out though.


International Captain
Im currently playing SL vs. ZIM(me), I batted first and made 220 a.o. top score was Gripper with 68.

btw its a ODI
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Hall of Fame Member
Started playing my old game (Yorks in 2027), having abit of fun, i got a young bowler, Hugh Garrett who looks like hes going to break my personal record for most wickets, his stats for 2027 season (so till march 2028) were

FC 176 @ 14.94 inc 13 5wi and 6 10wm
OD 60 @ 12.98 inc 3 5wi
Test 104 @ 14.92 9 5wi and 4 10wm
ODI 65 @ 10.35 inc 8 5wi

he also chipped in with some crucial knocks down the order, averaging about 25 with the bat

that with my top 2 batsmen averaging over 100 for the year we did pretty well

also my 3rd best batsman averaged 91 in FC, though he was a solid OD contributer, averaging just 125 :p
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