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ameer sohail takes aim at bob woolmer


International 12th Man
Aamer Sohail, former chairman of Pakistan’s selection committee and a man with a reputation for being a loose cannon, has launched an impromptu broadside at Bob Woolmer for comment he made about Shoaib Akhtar, the fast bowler who played no part in Pakistan’s recent successes in India.

In comments made to an Indian newspaper, Woolmer had suggested that Shoaib was “no longer an integral part” of the team, and that remark has incensed Sohail, who has demanded that the Pakistan Cricket Board take action against the coach.

PTI have quoted Sohail as saying: “Woolmer is a part of Pakistan team management who earns his bread and butter from the hard earned public money. The PCB should ask him how he dared to utter such silly words.”

Then, in a bizarre twist, Sohail takes aim at Woolmer’s choice of phrase, completely ignoring the fact that no profanities had been used. “I am astonished over the language used by Woolmer,” he said. “I had thought of him as an intelligent person. He should have not used such language for Shoaib who has done remarkable services for Pakistan cricket.”

A touch of xenophobia was also evident when he said: “I demand of Woolmer to apologise to Shoaib and the Pakistani people who would never tolerate such outbursts from a foreigner.”

According to Sohail, Shaoib’s presence would have been the difference between drawing the Test series and winning it. “Everybody in India asked me about Shoaib. I believe that had he been in India, Pakistan would have won the Test series as well. “Shoaib only needs a little bit of counselling and encouragement. If you sit with him politely he can deliver his best.”

Sohail was also of the opinion that the often-fraught relationship between Inzamam-ul-Haq and Shoaib could be resolved by the intervention of a respected mediator, like Shaharyar Khan. “I think that like a seasoned diplomat Shaharyar should manage Inzy and Shoaib to sit across the same table and sort out their problems,” he said. “Past is past. Let’s start afresh. I believe that Shoaib should also realise the sensitivity of time and forget all mud-slinging hurled on him.”

a totally uncalled for attack by sohail. Why should the PCB take action against him? he said that shoaib is no longer an integral part of the pakistani team. He is the coach, he is the best judge as to who is integral and who is not.

If shoaib is incensed by it, perhaps he should concentrate on playing and prove to woolmer that he is infact integral.

i'm glad woolmer has taken this stance on shoaib.


International 12th Man
A touch of xenophobia was also evident when he said: “I demand of Woolmer to apologise to Shoaib and the Pakistani people who would never tolerate such outbursts from a foreigner.”
that attitude must change...shocking comment by sohail. needs to STFU.


People in Pakistan don't listen to whatever Aamer Sohail says . He has been accusing great players like Wasim Akram and Ijaz Ahmed for being involved in match fixing and both of these players were found to have done no such thing by the inquiry comittee.He has never given any statement neither in the favour Pakistan team nor the Cricket Board.Same is the case with Rashid Latif.Pakistani people are grateful to Bob Woolmer for putting the team on the right track and they give more credit to Woolmer's coaching for Pakistan's good performance in India rather than the efforts and hardwork of the the players.Aamer gives this kind of statements to get an administrative post in the cricket board.Secondly,People dislike Akhtar for his rude behaviour with the captain and other players.Akhtar was 100% fit before the Indian tour but he didn't go with the team because he was sure that Pakistan will lose in India without him and people will say if Shoaib Akhtar was in the squad,then the team would've won the series.But when Pakstan won the ODI series,it was the most shocking news for him.And no one invited him yesterday in the official celebration party given to pakistan team .No one listens to Aamer's words but only u.Aamer has targetted Woolmer because he wants his friend Miandad or himself as the coach of Pakistan.He thinks that Miandad is better coach than Woolmer but no one has paid attention to his words.Its not surprise for people because Aamer and Latif often give this kind of statements.
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Two biggest enemies of Pakistan Cricket, Amir Sohail and Rashid Latif. What is ironic is that Mr. Sohail has accused Woolmer with using 'Silly Words' .:)


he is indeed, he has turned pakistan around, sohail should watch his mouth, comments like that will do the team no favours, cant understand him myself after the teams recent sucess.