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AFL player Knockout


International Vice-Captain
The herald sun used to do it a while back and i thought the idea had a bit of merit. I will pick the best 64 players (always going to be subjective) and we will 3 polls over 3 days of voting and whoever leads that poll will go through to the next rd. Remember when posting a response try and explain your choice to create some debate.

The 64 players will be

Nathan Bock
Tyson Edwards
Ben Rutten
Chris Judd
Brendan Fevola
Bryce Gibbs
Jarrad Waite
Nick Dal Santo
Sam Gilbert
Brendon Goddard
Lenny Hayes
Nick Riewoldt
Leigh Montagna
Daniel Cross
Adam Cooney
Brad Johnson
Matthew Boyd
Robert Murphy
Matthew Richardson
Nathan Foley
Daniel Kerr
Dean Cox
Darren Glass
Mark Le Cras
Lance Franklin
Jaryd Roughead
Sam Mitchell
Brad Sewell
Cyril Rioli
Daniel Wells
Hamish McIntosh
Patrick Ryder
Jobe Watson
Jason Winderlich
Andrew Lovett
Aaron Davey
Colin Sylvia
Darren Jolly
Jarred Mcveigh
Barry Hall
Adam Goodes
Shaun Burgoyne
Chad Cornes
Daniel Motlop
Peter Burgoyne
Dane Swan
Leon Davis
Alan Didak
Simon Prestigiacomo
Scott Pendlebury
Matthew Pavlich
Aaron Sandilands
Paul Duffield
Matthew Scarlett
Gary Ablett
Joel Selwood
James Bartel
Paul Chapman
Tom Harley
Cameron Ling
Jonothan Brown
Jed Adcocck
Simon Black
Daniel Bradshaw

First 3 Matchups will be:

Ben Rutten vs Jed Adcock
Tyson Edwards vs Simon Black
Nathan Bock vs Daniel Bradshaw


Those 3 matchups end 7 PM Thursday.


Hall of Fame Member
Rutten, Black and Bock for me. Bradshaw and Bock is the only one that is particularly close.

Agree that it should be totally random though. Just assign 1-64 to each player and use a random number generator to do the matches.


Virat Kohli (c)
Cool idea, and some interesting battles.

Ben Rutten vs Jed Adcock
Rutten easily. He's gone under the radar from his 2005/067 days of being labelled the best full back in the league. Scarlett has well and truly taken that mantle again (and Glass is always close), but none the less, Rutten is still amazingly consistent.

I really like Adcock, and he is a very solid player who over the last 3 years has started to realise his potential. But compared to a former All Australian full back, its a no contest.

Tyson Edwards vs Simon Black
So stiff on Edwards to draw Black. I was saying in the AFL thread how Edwards is one of the most underrated players I've ever seen, but Simon Black may be the most consistent AFL footballer I've ever seen (along with Buckley). He is so gifted, so cool under pressure and his ability to kick so accurately on both feet is amazing. On top of that, throw in 3 premiersihps a Norm Smith medal, a brownlow (with two runners-ups and a 5th in 2005) and 3 time all-Australian... he's just done so much more than Edwards

Tyson Edwards is another consistent player, who has a brilliant tank and is just always overshadowed by McLeod, Ricciuto and now even Scott Thompson and Simon Goodwin. But Black had Aker, Voss and Lappin to compete with in the middle, and still achieved what he's achieved. Just the better player IMO.

Black's performance in the 2003 GF might be enough on its own tbh.

Nathan Bock vs Daniel Bradshaw
Bock's a very good player, but Bradshaw holds the record for most goals for the Brisbane Lions, and is as versatile as they come. Neither are superstars of the game yet, and one might argue that Bock has reached that stage where he's a better backman than Bradshaw (though whenever Bradshaw's thrown back he does his job well), but Bradshaw's done what Bock did, plus been a very good forward, for longer.


International Vice-Captain
Rutten, Black and Bock for me. Bradshaw and Bock is the only one that is particularly close.

Agree that it should be totally random though. Just assign 1-64 to each player and use a random number generator to do the matches.
Anyone know where this can be done?


Hall of Fame Member
Are these battles meant to be current? As in, who would I rather have in my team today?

Bradshaw's career > Bock's career by a distance, but right now Bock is the best player in his position in the AFL, and All-Australian, which Bradshaw isn't. It's pretty competitive if you're talking right now, but probably not if you're taking their history into account.


International Vice-Captain
Alright Starting over

Set #1:

p1=13, p2=32, p3=2, p4=9, p5=10, p6=17, p7=1, p8=36, p9=55, p10=20, p11=40, p12=30, p13=46, p14=47, p15=39, p16=45, p17=58, p18=4, p19=25, p20=49, p21=31, p22=53, p23=42, p24=51, p25=44, p26=28, p27=23, p28=34, p29=7, p30=33, p31=60, p32=38, p33=8, p34=22, p35=26, p36=54, p37=48, p38=62, p39=64, p40=50, p41=56, p42=43, p43=21, p44=16, p45=5, p46=41, p47=59, p48=27, p49=52, p50=11, p51=35, p52=29, p53=15, p54=63, p55=12, p56=18, p57=24, p58=3, p59=19, p60=61, p61=57, p62=14, p63=6, p64=37

Nathan Bock vs Patrick Ryder
Tyson Edwards vs Sam Gilbert
Brendon Goddard vs Matthew Boyd

And yes its current day... Should have said earlier

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Nathan Bock vs Patrick Ryder
Currently Bock is the better player, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Ryder overtake him by the end of his career (I'd be shocked if he didn't actually).

Tyson Edwards vs Sam Gilbert
Pretty straight forward. Gilbert is OK, but Edwards is awesome.

Brendon Goddard vs Matthew Boyd
Love Boydy as a player and was tempted to vote for him purely because most of the footy I've seen Goddard play is as a backman. I understand he's playing midfield more often these days, and he's the more damaging player.


Global Moderator
Nathan Bock vs Patrick Ryder
Ryder is currently carrying the entire ruck division of a side, and manages to find clearances and get touches. Is providing sides with a legitimate idea of what to expect from ruckmen that aren't Dean Cox.

Tyson Edwards vs Sam Gilbert
Edwards has long been a fantastic, consistent player. Half of Geelong's side is better than Gilbert, who surely isn't in the Top 64 players in the League. Including the missing Matthew Scarlett. :whistling: (Surely got to swap him for Harley, at least?!)

Brendon Goddard vs Matthew Boyd
Goddard has one of the most damaging shoes in the league. Made the transition into the midfield this year having been one of the better quarterback-style players of the past few years. Boyd does a great job for the Bulldogs, but Goddard is going to be one of the most important aspects of St Kilda's premiership chances, and I don't think that's the same of Boyd.


Hall of Fame Member
Noob question here Mike, but when you put up a battle, can you say who they currently play for? I know some of them, but not all and intend on reading (if not actively contributing to) this thread.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
For the current battle, Heath:

Nathan Bock (Adelaide) vs. Paddy Ryder (Essendon)
Tyson Edwards (Adelaide) vs. Sam Gilbert (St. Kilda)
Brendan Goddard (St. Kilda) vs. Matthew Boyd (Western Bulldogs)


Nathan Bock vs Patrick Ryder
Tyson Edwards vs Sam Gilbert
Brendon Goddard vs Matthew Boyd

Surely Brad Green and/or Cameron Bruce are better than Colin ****ing Sylvia, ftr.


International Captain
Bock's a gun, better 'quarterback' than Luke Hodge plus he can actually shut a tall down.
Edwards, chronically underrated.
Goddard, gun etc.