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4th Test at the Gabba, Brisbane, 15 - 19 Jan 2021


Cricketer Of The Year
Thanks mate, as for the skipper as much as I love Smithy, I think his time as the leader of this team has kind of passed nor do I think Cricket Australia has any interest going back to him.

I believe in picking our best XI and then picking the leader from among them. From the current bunch Labuschagne will be my captain, I would love Patty Cummins to lead the test team but with amount of overs the poor lad is being made to bowl, a long injury layoff is around the corner for him.

Also would like to put it out there, everytime I hear someone say Head is a future captain, by brain heads to cringe-station.
Agree with all of this. Also agree that protecting Cummins should be a huge priority for Australia. Very special bowler.


U19 12th Man
Like Wade a lot more than PrinceEWS does, but Green looks to be better than him, and Pucovski even more so.
Pucovski is an opener who has a risk of getting pinged on his head consistently and plays around his front pad, Green consistently kept falling over his off stump through this series everytime the Indian fast bowlers attacked his stumps.

I mean there are no issues if the team just pushed them as young players working their way up the ladder, but if this is the skill level of a prodigy in Australian cricket then it's just a shame for a proud cricketing nation.

Make no mistake, I have no issues admitting that Wade is serviceable batsman on your average day, with the ability to play a counter-attacking innings of substance on his day.

However as a player guy like him has the grit to hang in their and punch above his weight in whatever role he has in the team, but seeing Pucovski struggle against the short ball despite coming into the test, with prior knowledge Indians are going to make him play off the backfoot, Green getting his front pad blown away again and again in this series, bowling the same lenghts over and over again, when world was telling him to adjust his length, tells you talent means very little if you aren't willing to learn and improve.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Aus really do need to bowl their part timers more.

A few overs here and there to Labu, Smith would make the big 4 breathe easier


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International Coach

we are back on top

@Athlai tell your friends
One team has played 16 games, one has played 3. Lol


International 12th Man
From an Australian perspective where does Pujara rank as opposition batsman?

AFAIC , He is above Tendulkar.

Tendulkar in 1998/2003 faced a weak Aussie attack. Whereas Pujara has always faced full strength Aussie attack.

2010(Bengaluru), 2013, 2017, 2018 and now. Lots of match winning innings


U19 12th Man
Aus really do need to bowl their part timers more.

A few overs here and there to Labu, Smith would make the big 4 breathe easier
Totally agree, a lot of people hate Clarke as a captain in Australia but he was superb at this, he used limited bowling resources during his tenure brilliantly.

If Paine had decent cricketing acumen, he could have used Labuschagne and Green smartly both at Sydney and Brisbane when he had runs to play with, instead he kept bowling the frontline bowlers to their breaking point.