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2020/21 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft (Division 2)


Cricketer Of The Year

Howsie, Athlai and NZT will be in here, if keen. Also open to up to three prompt entries.

Just a Hong Kong Sixes format I think this year, as all the tallying got on top of me last season with just Vandem pitching in. A team of six, with up to four to come in off your bench for injuries/illness. If your top bench player is uninjured but inactive in first-class, I'll activate your next man down.

Tests: West Indies (2), Pakistan (2)
Plunket Shield: Oct-Nov (4), Feb-Mar (4?)
NZA: West Indies (2), West Indies A (1), Pakistan A (2) (if any are 12-a-side cricket, they're voided).
NZ XI: Windies A (1) (if 12-a-side cricket, voided. Scheduled to run concurrent with NZ vs. WI 2nd Test, also NZA vs. Pak A)

Note: Williamson and co. may only make four or five first-class appearances this season (the IPL final is November 10). A player's highest eight points hauls of the season will count towards his total.

Points gained in Tests will carry a 1.5x prestige bonus.

Only three of your Super Six draftees can score more bowling points in the season than batting points. Otherwise, infringing players on your team (lowest points-earners first) will go to zero.

Anyone you bat at 5-6 scoring more batting points in the season than bowling points, infringing players on your team will go to zero.

Your designated wicket-keeper will only score non-WK fielding and bowling points if he's making way in the match at hand for a gloveman with Test caps (Seifert for Watling, but not Phillips for Horne).

Absolute Spud Drafted Super Six player (does not include the bench) with the worst ratio of points to games played: -100 points
King of the Openers Drafted player to score the most runs as an opener: 200 bonus points
Non-Ravindra Emerging Player Excluding Rachin Ravindra, the highest points tally for a drafted player born 1998 or later: 200 bonus points. Eligible would be Sears, Smith, Sheat, Allen, D. Phillips, Chu, Clarke, Fisher, Murray, Bhula, McKay, Foxcroft (best you don't pick Foxcroft).
PPG Crown Calculated after the other bonus awards and penalties have been applied, the drafted team with the highest points per game played (includes bench players): 500 bonus points

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