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Thread: Whimsical moderation

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    Whimsical moderation

    The topic of moderation has been raised a fair few times and has ruffled the feathers of our not so esteemed moderators in the past. Therefore I don't expect this thread to last too long.

    The purpose of this thread is to voice my concern over my latest banning and the feeling that moderation seems to be far too whimsical of late. I am hoping I can get a few answers from the this clique. My questions are

    1) do the moderators actually think before they act?
    2) Does it ever occur to moderators that before jumping the gun they actually try to find out if the issue really is what they are cooking up in their minds.
    3) (more of a statement) If some moderators feel irritated by a post then please try not to go looking out for any flimsy excuse to try to hand out infractions (yes PEWS this is you in this instance, and I want to point it out).
    4) What kind of useless account is If the moderators don't really ****ing care regarding being contacted with that email then don't bother dishing it out at every opportunity. Don't give me the bull**** excuse that "oh, you have disabled receiving messages from moderators". I didn't do it because of fear of spam and junk cluttering my inbox.

    And yes, trolling and derailing threads by moderators and staff members doesn't get nearly anything half as serious so please stop the double standards.
    And smalishah's avatar is the most classy one by far Jan certainly echoes the sentiments of CW

    Yeah we don't crap in the first world; most of us would actually have no idea what that was emanating from Ajmal's backside. Why isn't it roses and rainbows like what happens here? PEWS's retort to Ganeshran on Daemon's picture depicting Ajmal's excreta

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    We have responded to your questions and given you a reason for the ban both via email and VM. You obviously disagree with our reasons, but that's no reason to continue ranting about the subject in this manner.

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