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Thread: Thread specificially for a player/purpose? Tendulkar?

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    Thread specificially for a player/purpose? Tendulkar?


    Just like to suggest something (apologies if it has been discussed before).

    But I think it would be good idea just to have one thread dedicated to a player like Tendulkar. It is clear that he demands lot of attention. I think it might good idea to have a thread for him so all the news and possibly most of the discussions can be had in one thread.
    Lot of times, new threads are created for little things which can all be put in one giant thread without notably reducing its substance/value/purpose.

    May help keep CC little more organized.
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    There's a general collated Michael Clarke thread IIRC, and that's just a complete mess. You go five pages back and you have no clue what's being discussed because of all the different threads merged into there.
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    the guy's trash bro
    because the one thing this site needs is another 500 post sachin thread

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    Maybe we should have a Sachin forum.
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    Be so easy to troll one big Tendulkar thread.

    Notthat anyone would, mind you.
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    It would be trolling to go in there and post anything but love poems to Sachin

    It's not trolling to deliberately rile people up in a Bradman thread though, nah


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