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Thread: Main Site - book section

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    Main Site - book section

    Would it be possible to either have an option of sorting the books reviewed by rating, or have a section called CricketWeb recommends (or something equally banal) so that someone like me can see, at a glance, what books in particular are recommended by the site reviewers and whether those books are on a subject matter I might be interested in, like Bodyline for instance?

    At the moment there's a good, detailed explanation of CW's ranking system without actually being able to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to cricket literature.

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    'tis in hand although it has to be conceded it's been in hand for some time - main problem is that all the book review team are, as far as I am aware, technophobes, so we are totally reliant on others for our long overdue makeover - so all gentle pressure that can be put on the powers that be would be helpful but in the meantime do please feel free to ask any questions by PM, email or the cricket books thread

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    It is on the agenda and with more help being given on other projects, this should be something that can be addressed in the new year.

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