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Recent content by uvelocity

  1. uvelocity

    Rip spikey

    Where's your eyes ****
  2. uvelocity

    Rip spikey

    “I’d like to think that I was able to squeeze as much juice out of my orange as I could. For a bloke with minimal talent and no shots, I leave the game pretty content. “The time is right.”
  3. uvelocity

    *Official* India Tour of Australia 2018/19

    Well this is some pantsing indeed
  4. uvelocity

    Rejected Parody Thread Ideas

    A chuck is a chuck
  5. uvelocity

    Rejected Parody Thread Ideas

    A bank tells pews to dump.cricsim
  6. uvelocity


    Bloodycwhttp://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-23/retired-greyhounds-getting-new-lease-on-life-in-nursing-homes/8465050?pfmredir=sm&sf72568697=1&WT.ac=statenews_tas]Retired greyhound 'couch potatoes' enter slow lane helping nursing home residents - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)[/url]
  7. uvelocity

    AB de Villiers now the one and only "AB"

    why doesnt he go back to playing tennis or swimming. myth.
  8. uvelocity

    CW votes on the battle of the individual cricket shots

    body shot an atg imo
  9. uvelocity

    ***Official*** Australia in India 2017

    youre saying you didnt like it?
  10. uvelocity

    The greatest fielders from each nation

    re arms; brett lee and symonds were the ones who came to mind for me first. even pigeon didnt have a bad one. being a bowler i cant throw at all anymore, surprises me how many bowlers have cannons, plenty of my other bowling mates cant throw either., rotator cuff.
  11. uvelocity

    why can i see a picture of this but not buy it

    what is wrong with you people its art
  12. uvelocity

    Australian Test Selection 2016/2017

    i know probably not considered a genuine all rounder, but how about rhino
  13. uvelocity

    ***Official*** Australia in India 2017

    yet no like
  14. uvelocity

    The greatest fielders from each nation

    who had the biggest arm in cricket
  15. uvelocity

    why can i see a picture of this but not buy it

    looks like a cross section of my sunday morning