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SirBloody Idiot

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  • Of course, assumed you would anyway. It's no longer my account until the next sheep game I run as far as I'm concerned.
    Nino has said he's happy for you to take Tennis Sim over. Now, given what you said before, you'll need some help so I'm happy to assist you if you're keen to take it over and I suspect you'll be able to find a couple of other guys over there who will help with write ups etc. If you then go on exchange in September, I'll take the reins until you're back.
    As long as you keep the look and feel of the output (i.e. just use Nino's software to sim the result) then yeah, that's good. I still think his sim comes out with more random results than yours though...
    Hey, I was just wondering when I the chance will come up to sign up for CW tennis challengers again? I'd like to give it another go.
    There'll definitely be many more sign ups on Cricsim, that's for sure. That said, I think your initial idea is probably the best. Or, just have a long pre-season to determine rankings? Or, base initial rankings on overall Tennis Sim activity - which is how the rest of Cricsim works. Cribb could probably set up a post count page to allow you to see overall activity and rank players accordingly?
    Hmmm. The hardest part is the start isn't it really. You could steal the top 80 from CW and then start all the Cricsim guys at zero, but do you still intend to have non-real players if you took it to Cricsim?
    Hmm.. it is probably worth seeing just where he's at with it. If he doesn't want to do it, I'll talk to Cribb and figure something out.
    If you took Cricsim's over, you could use all the existing sign ups, I guess and just start the season afresh. i.e. people playing for Spain, Germany etc rather than CSLand. Shall I have a quiet word with Nino and see whether he could be persuaded to relinquish it?
    Yeah. Who else posts in the Tennis threads that you could get to sign up? Too many guys have gone inactive here, there's barely half a dozen contributors anymore, sadly.
    I'd say the only way is to do PMs to people who used to be in the Dev League. Those guys are clearly interested in Simming. Shame that Nino on Cricsim is hanging onto Tennis Sim there as the Cricket Season is about to begin on cricsim so activity is going through the roof. I reckon maybe give Nino another nudge and say that you could take it over today and see if he goes for it. It really is disappointing the lack of activity here. You could always get ripper and Kyle to sign up for the tennis sim on cricsim so we don't lose them?
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