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Recent content by Red_Ink_Squid

  1. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* 4th Test at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, 4 - 8 Mar 2021

    When a tour leaves you pining for Keaton Jennings, it was a bad tour.
  2. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* 4th Test at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, 4 - 8 Mar 2021

    As per the old cliche, England's batting couldn't make 200 runs in total across both innings, so expect bowling changes for the next Test. From Root's comments Bess should be back, probably for Broad, and there are rumblings about Stone coming in for Archer too. Batting likely to stay the same.
  3. Red_Ink_Squid

    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    This is absolutely the right view imo.
  4. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    Set it in the NJPW vs WAR feud imo.
  5. Red_Ink_Squid

    ***Official*** India vs England 2021 General Discussion thread

    Hi rahul1504001, what would your dream 11 team be? I can't decide.
  6. Red_Ink_Squid

    let's remember some guys; cw edition

    Sounds like something a guilty person would say.
  7. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    Wrestling draft vote | CricketWeb Forum Speaking of fantasy booking, HB owes me a write up!
  8. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    Haha, looking at the voting thread they ended up booking him in the opener vs Bam Bam? Would have given them a vote for Hash vs Tenryu though. That was always money.
  9. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    Why didn't you book Kawada? Edit: just seen someone else did. Seemed an odd omission otherwise.
  10. Red_Ink_Squid

    Should India play seven batsmen in the next turner?

    Bat Ashwin above Rahane in that team imo.
  11. Red_Ink_Squid

    Question on ban announcements

    Completing a cricket simulation?
  12. Red_Ink_Squid

    Best Wrestling Finisher

    Not seen this one since around when it happened, but remember it was a lot of fun (if scary for the wrong reasons at the very end). Absolutely second this one, yeah, it's great.
  13. Red_Ink_Squid

    Best Wrestling Finisher

    This is one of my favourite WWE matches, great shout. If you're after more Lesnar matches to watch I'd recommend: vs Undertaker, Hell in a Cell from 2002 (they had another HitC match much more recently which I hear is also good but I've not seen it) vs Cena, Extreme Rules 2012 vs CM Punk...