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Mister Wright

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  • What's the latest with the Australian Domestic Competition?
    Was enjoying following that :)
    Sorry for the delay on your reply - as you can see, my profile page is normally just spammed by Jakester so I don't check it very often.

    What would being assistant actually entail? I'm happy to put my name to it if it means a greater chance of a subforum and I'll maintain threads and organise things a bit for you if you like, but as far as actually simming anything goes that'd probably be out of the question given all my uni exams coming up and my other simming commitments.
    Hey, just noticed you've got Lehmann's First Class economy rate in wrong; you've got his List A economy rate in there. It's supposed to be 2.88.
    Hey mate, after seeing your Australian cricket league would it be alright be ok if I ran an Indian Premier League? I have come up with quite a few different rules and I'd try and make it as completely different to your league as possible.

    Please contact me back.
    Hey, Broad and Klinger seem to have averages exactly 10 less than they do in real life on your spreadsheet.. is this an error or was it deliberate?
    Cheers bud.

    Thought I was up against Blewy for some reason so waiting for his tip. D'oh...

    The first ever CW Cricket Championship is underway, could you please post your email address in this thread to be challenged.
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