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  • Brutal Craigos!

    Unfortunately you'll be arriving smack-bang in the middle of my uni exams :(
    Hey mate, sorry I've taken so long to get back to you re: Hangzhou, will try to reply sometime today or tomorrow
    Craigos, Will take you up on that $700 flight to london thingy you mentioned shoot me an email to cannon_11 at hotmail.com

    Cheers mate
    webjet is the easiest. Just type in the dates and the location you want to fly on and it gives you a cross reference of available flights. Saves having to visit each airlines website.
    Craigos, best websites for cheap international flights please, if you don't mind.
    Canada Trade Jobs - Home

    Hey bro, heard you were ranting about lack of job opportunities for tradesman. There is a huge demand here in North America (especially in Canada). You'll be making a fantastic living tbh, a lot of skilled tradesmen here roll around in their Lexus' and BMWs, living in their 4000 square feet homes. :P Surely check it out, and the link above!
    Well let him know that I'm interested. And anymore details he or I might need to know, just ask.
    He's after a labourer - problem is, the gig's in Brissie - he travels each day about 75 kms each way to get there. If that doesn't suit (and i understand if it doesn't) he'll keep an ear out for you.
    Mate, I've sent that fella an email. Will let you know as soon as he gets back to me.
    Just saw your note mate from January - I'll do that - you must have thought me very rude. Apologies, I thought maybe you didn't get mine, or you didn't want me to chat with him. I'll word him up.

    Also, che cosa possibilie preoccupazione non potrebbe essere di vostro che cosa dico in Italiano, o a chi? If you don't mind my asking..
    I have a horticulute degree, but I'm not fussy when it comes to work. If you can have a word with your mate, that would be great.
    What sort of work you looking for on the GC? Have to be landscaping or will anything do?
    I've got a mate who's up there - one of those pretty well connected fellas. Want me to have a word with him? Can't promise anything but you never know.
    Thanks. I think Wellington have another away game on the Gold Coast, so I will be there for that.
    happy new year craigos, just like all years 2010 is the year of greenacre
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