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  • However, when posts are made for no other reason than to be vulgar or overtly ***ual (e.g. the "TPC makes me ***" or your post in the Tui thread implying someone's mother was a prostitute), then we take issue. Not only is it plainly inappropriate from a 'family forum' sense, but it can get James into **** with Google as well regarding ads. So if you could refrain from that type of post in the future, it would be greatly appreciated.

    We definitely don't want to have to continue hitting you with infractions for this and see you get periodically banned. If you have any further questions or anything to discuss, please don't hesitate to email us at moderators@cricketweb.net

    [Apologies for having to split this into two; I overstepped the character limit for a single VM]
    Hey mate,

    Just wanted to respond to you regarding this post that you made. While in the past you've copped plenty of infractions for inappropriate ***ual references, we've never actually given you a particularly clear message of what makes said ***ual references inappropriate. Basically, the mod team has come to the consensus that we take no issue with double entendres, puns and the like - things that don't necessarily have to be interpreted as ***ual - or "that's what she said"-style posts. Hence why there is no issue with NUFAN's post there.
    Hi there, unfortunately not no. They get sent via email, and it's not something we'd want to mention on people's public walls. It might be worth changing your email address to one you check more regularly so you don't get caught out in future?
    but i stopped you from ignoring it by getting you to post about it on my wall #strategy
    Your posts within the Cricket Sledges thread have been deleted. Kindly avoid offensive comments. Thanks.
    Did you help him do it? I did, but then I felt like such an ass afterwards when it showed the percentages of who did and didn't haha.
    Mate I love that pic you've just posted but it will land you in hot water with the mods...
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