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Recent content by age_master

  1. age_master

    Ricky Ponting steps down as Captain (Updated)

    lol. Hopefully he does play on. Hopefully after giving up the captaincy his batting will get back to his best. Clarke should do well.
  2. age_master

    Nathan Bracken retires

    Yeah we had an amazing combo there for a while. Very sad to see him go.
  3. age_master

    NFL / NCAA Football

    Ravens receivers also made some bad mistakes in the second half. Packers dominated the second quarter which realisticly ended that game. Really good performance by them though. After tipping 1/4 last week i have missed both so far this week. Hopefully the Patriots and the Bears wont let me...
  4. age_master

    *Official* England in Australia (2 T20 & 7 ODIs)

    Wow Johnson is bowling terribly at the moment.
  5. age_master

    NFL / NCAA Football

    Steelers had a hell of a 2nd half for the win. Thats the biggest win ina Ravens v Steelers game in ages i think. Falcons looking really good at the moment.
  6. age_master

    Women's LO and Ashes tour

    MCG outfield nice and wet, slows down the shots even more. Reduced to 16 overs per side.
  7. age_master

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    Agree with this. They should be the first heads to role. England played well and thoroughly deserved to win the series, but multiple wins of that size are shocking. In most other sports the coach would have resigned already.
  8. age_master

    The "Channel 9 Commentary Is Hurting Brain" Thread

    Warnie loves Michael Clarke, i wonder if he will critisise his captaincy at all or just keep praising it.
  9. age_master

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    Or the Olympics?
  10. age_master

    The Katman farewell thread

    I believe so, he was playing a practice game with NSW a few days ago, i haven't heard how he pulled up after that though.
  11. age_master

    Boxing day ideas

    Back to the Wiggles, i turned the TV on to this this morning, the suits in this clip would go down quite nicely i think...
  12. age_master

    Boxing day ideas

    Lots of members do. Would have thought skivvies would have been the bigger issue, could be painful on a hot day.
  13. age_master

    *Official* Third Test at the WACA

    Yeah, you can't go resting any front line bowlers for the an Ashes test, especially after a loss. Australia deserves to lose the Ashes if there is a policy of resting players.
  14. age_master

    *Official* Third Test at the WACA

    What about that is disgraceful? He is doing the right thing. Disgraceful that selectors haven't communicated with him what they want from him.