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Thread: Hockey World Cup - 2010 - India

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFire View Post
    No, it's not a non-contact sport. Non-contact sports are ones like Netball and Basketball where there are very few instances where it's legal to touch an opponent. Hockey has the contact rules of football, i.e, you can touch another player, but within reason.
    I always found a hockey stick to that small bone just under your ankle constituted unreasonable's like a funny bone.
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    Personally glad they ditched the offside rule, makes the game far better imo. Great to watch too.

    As for being a non contact sport, being taken out by an opposition goalie is decidedly contact, and I certainly wasn't thinking it was girls sport when our fullback was hospitalised after the impact of a ball to the chest lifted him off the ground. Nor was I feeling decidedly safe when my team mate passed the ball into my face. Probably not the greatest pass I've ever received.

    Hoping Australia can actually beat Germany here, third times the charm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meridio View Post
    Saw on the news this morning that Pakistan lost their game to Canada 3-2. Following the game, the entire team announced their retirements. Wtf.

    Anyway, NZ playing off for 9th tonight. Hopeless result.
    2 ..17 year old players are included in those who announced retirements
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