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Thread: CricketWeb Tennis - Season I

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    Boodles Challenge event seems tempting but I will decline the offer at this stage as the two other boys are in the UK already.

    I'm off to The Netherlands.

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    Eastbourne for de Wet thanks.

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    Eastbourne for Mustard.
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    Have to try for Eastbourne here n all
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    Not playing next week, hopefully I can spend the week celebrating my first career title.

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    I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... And I'm all out of bubblegum.
    I'll go for the Boodles Challenge if that's okay. Need some more match practise after an early exit at Queens, but nothing to burden-some.
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    Eastbourne for Randy Banks please

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    Jarko Maxum for Eastbourne please, after being unceremoniously dumped for warsaw

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    Bre is going to make an apperance in The Nethelands in the hope of gaining an Qualification spot for Wimbledon.

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    London; Warsaw; Halle (F/F/F) - June 8-15, I

    AEGON International
    Quarterfinals - London

    Qualifying (Draw)
    Men's Singles (Seeds - Finals - Section 1 - Section 2 - Section 3 - Section 4)
    Men's Doubles (Seeds - Finals - Top Half - Bottom Half)

    World number five Radek Špidla has claimed his first career title after capping off a fine week in London with a come-from-behind win over former world number one Jason Hall in the final of the AEGON Championships in London. The explosive Czech player had yet to drop a set all tournament, but that changed straight away as for one of the first times this week someone got the better of his imposing serve. In the eighth game of the first set, the American capitalised on a couple of lacklustre second serves to effect the break of service before serving it out for a set to love lead. The second set saw the Czech monster regain his steel, but he still looked somewhat lost on the Hall serve. That all changed in the twelfth game of the set as the second set covered the net beautifully to put away his first break point to level the match at a set each. Heading into the decider, Špidla jumped ahead 3-1 and, despite being broken late in the set, did enough to finish the world number two off with a glorious return winner to seal a 3-6, 7-5, 6-4 championship victory.

    • Seeded players out: Jason Hall.

    In the men's doubles final, seventh seeds Jefferson Drake and Martti Korpinen also claimed their first doubles titles with a straight sets victory over top seeds Hayden and Ross Onwye. In an entertaining lead up to the singles final, Drake and Korpinen combined brilliantly against the world number two combination to break service in the second game of the match. Korpinen's work at the net has been a revalation of sorts this week as he continued to counteract the Onwye attempts at passing shots with some seriously good reflexes and precision. After dropping the first set 3-6, the Onwye Brothers lifted the pace in the second as they managed to skip out to a 2-0 lead after breaking the Korpinen service. But just as quickly as they took a lead, the CWLand pair pulled them back as the workhorse Drake struck a blow right down the line to bring the set back on service. In a see-sawing affair in the second set, it was the CWLanders who broke the service of Hayden Onwye's service to take an ultimately match-winning break. Serving out the match without incident, the AEGON Champions will no doubt head into the Wimbledon doubles as one of the favourites to emerge as victors.

    • Seeded players out: Hayden Onwye / Ross Onwye.

    Orange Warsaw Open
    Quarterfinals - Warsaw

    Qualifying (Draw)
    Men's Singles (Seeds - Finals - Top Half - Bottom Half)

    In Warsaw, Randy Smeltz completed a great weekend for CWLand as he smashed eighth seed János Varga in straight sets to capture the Orange Warsaw Open. The fifth seed bounced back from a disappointing French Open with a solid week in Poland - a week which culminated in a victory over top seed Illya Altman, and then a final win over the Hungarian number three. In a tight first set, Smeltz proved his guts to bounce back from a 0-3 early deficit in resounding fashion. Whilst Varga stuck with the 28-year old deep into the set, he was ultimately caught short as his aggressive play allowed Smeltz an avenue to a plethora of winners. But whilst Varga showed some initiative in the opening set as he attacked the defensively-minded Smeltz, he produced some horrible tennis in the second set as the world number 27 ran away with the championship. The 7-5, 6-0 victory was seen as somewhat of a let down to the crowd as they were robbed of the opportunity to see some of the exciting tennis Varga has produced this week, but Smeltz's almost flawless performance this week gives him great hope of pushing for a top twenty spot in the coming months.

    • Seeded players out: János Varga.

    Gerry Weber Open
    Quarterfinals - Halle

    Qualifying (Draw)
    Men's Singles (Seeds - Finals - Top Half - Bottom Half)

    To complete the full house of maiden championship wins, Denmark's Rasmus Olesen ended the impressive run of Bulgarian Ivan Genov in the final of the Gerry Weber Open in Halle. On the back of a victory over the world number one in the semifinals, Olesen came into the match bursting with confidence as he served out the opening game to love. Whilst Genov made Olesen work hard for his points, he struggled against the versatility of the Dane who controlled the match from the baseline and the net. Taking the first set 6-3, Olesen was met with a more determined Genov whose smart serving helped him to a 4-3 lead in the second. But the fourth seed managed to get the all-important break of service, before holding his own to secure a 6-3, 6-4 victory in impressive style.

    • Seeded players out: Rasmus Olesen.

    Bowenburg seems to have developed a nasty habit of losing to guys who go on to win tournaments.

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    I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... And I'm all out of bubblegum.
    Drake/Korpinen setting the standard in CWLand doubles it seems. A good win against my good mates the Onwye Brothers. An excellent round of tournaments for the Motherland.

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    Awesome win!

    So Good!
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    Smeltz is good man. Stakhanov goes to drugland.

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