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CricketWeb Tennis - Season I

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
CWLand dominated interesting draw

CWLand have a monopoly on the seeded players in Gstaad this week with four players comprising the top six. Top seed Sven Oxenstierna is still looking for his first title, and starts things off with a match against Belarusian Denis Isaev. A potential semifinal with fourth seed Randy Smeltz looms for The Ox; but Smeltz has a tough run after his record exit at the German Hamburg Open last week with local hope Almen Benaglio looming in the quarterfinals. In the bottom half, Jefferson Drake will look for his fifth title this season as he starts things off against Oleg Puder, and faces an all-CWLand quarterfinal with Jamee Hancianu.

Big field turns out for Umag

Illya Altman will look to avenge his quarterfinal humiliation at the hands of Jason Hall last week in Hamburg by claiming his second title of the season in Croatia. The Ukrainian top seed leads a strong field that includes the likes of Carlo Amato, Zoltan Varga and local Miroslav Brdar. In what looms as the best quarterfinal clash, Amato could face fellow Italian Antonio Bachunelli.

Stage set for Wimbledon rematch

Whilst it didn't materialise in Indianapolis last week, Darcy Cowan and Radek Spidla could meet in a rematch of their Wimbledon final in Los Angeles after both were handed favourable draws. With the top four seeds receiving byes to the second round, the top seeded Czech monster will has been handed a handy run through to the semifinals with only Heath Davis threatening him. Meanwhile, Cowan will not have to face his Indianapolis conquerer Jojo Mustard until the semifinals at the earliest which should allow him the chance to build some form. After last week being ousted in the first round in Indianapolis, David Champion emerges with a wildcard and will start against local Jimmy Holland. Champion will hope for a better start in not having to face the eventual champion like he did last week. Fourth seed Zhijun Sun's interrupted season continues with his first tournament since Wimbledon. He gets a bye through to the second round, but might have preferred the match practice.

In Vancouver, top seed Rob Bowenburg starts things off against Great Britain's Edward Freeland, and Scotland Rivers faces a qualifier.


I reckon I'm going to ask James about a a subforum again at some stage soon because this one thread is getting pretty cluttered and confusing for me, and I don't want two separate threads in the same forum. I reckon we've got a nice bunch of regular contributors and I think I've proven this has got some longevity which was why he was hesitant when I asked in January. I'm not overly confident we'll get it, but it's worth a shot.

Anyone opposed to this?


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Certainly not opposed to a sub-forum :)

In other news, Delev have to fight through qualifying for LA?


Hall of Fame Member
Needs a sub-forum if you ask me. Could do a lot more with it.

Heef needs a bloody good tournament here. I'm playing to win and no prisoners will be taken. Watch out, chumps; here I come.

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Would love to defeat Davis in the final...:p

This definitely needs a subforum. Would be good to have separate threads for everything that's required.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Clay? Sheet, first rounder for me...
Haha yeah. Was surprised you didn't choose LA considering it is a very shallow draw (the last direct entrant is Donaldson at 138 - in a draw of 28 no less) and is pretty much a good bet to say the majority of seeds will survive by the quarters. I have no idea why they scheduled three tournaments in the same week when we are still a couple of weeks from Masters Series events.

Anyway, it is a pretty easy draw for Drake up til the quarters where it'll be 50/50 with Hancianu. Moreno has a stinker with Blundell, Schmidt, Machado, Hainisch and Genov. Smeltz also has a pretty tricky second round clash with Alavos as well.

And Delev is injured, but will be back for Washington.


Haha yeah. Was surprised you didn't choose LA considering it is a very shallow draw (the last direct entrant is Donaldson at 138 - in a draw of 28 no less) and is pretty much a good bet to say the majority of seeds will survive by the quarters. I have no idea why they scheduled three tournaments in the same week when we are still a couple of weeks from Masters Series events.
TBH I didn't even look at the surfaces, just went with how cool I thought the names of the tournaments were :cool:

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
AllianzSuisse Open Gstaad
Qualifiers - Gstaad

  • Randy Smeltz will play Swiss qualifier Benjamin Hartmann in the first round after he defeated Chile's Renato Varas in the qualifying round. (Hartmann d. Varas, 6-2 6-3)

ATP Studena Croatia Open Umag
Qualifiers - Umag

Countrywide Classic
Qualifiers - Los Angeles

  • CWLand's Matt Bre has earned qualification to the main draw of the Countrywide Classic in California after a dominant victory against countryman Randy Banks in the qualifying round. Bre eased past Dean Delgado in the first round whilst Banks toiled against Leonel Romero; the fifth seed looking better for his shorter match as he smashed Banks in the first set of their meeting. To Banks' credit, he managed to steal the second set before again being wiped off the court in the decider. Bre begins his main draw assault with a tricky clash against World No. 67 Roberto Santos of Brazil. (Bre d. Banks, 6-1 4-6 6-1)
  • Vladimir Stakhanov wasn't so successful in the qualifying round as the eighth seed fell disappointingly short against second seeded Lithuanian Aleksander Alitspritsin. Stakhanov continued the form compiled in his big win over Kiyo Osaka in the first round into the first set against Alitspritsin, before the experienced Lithuanian fought back well to secure a three-set win following a dominant third set. (Alitspritsin d. Stakhanov, 4-6 6-4 6-1)

In Vancouver, Scotland Rivers has received Dutch qualifier Ronald Bergsma in the first round.



Y no Afghanistan flag
Vancouver must be a small tournament if I'm top seed!

I'm not against a sub-forum, but the way it is currently is pretty easy to follow too.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Are there any upcoming tournaments that Suryakant can take part in then?. Or have I missed the boat?

Week 32: Washington (175) (O / H / 48), Samarkand (55) (O / CL / 32)
Week 33: Montreal (500) (O / H / 56), Segovia (75) (O / H / 32)
Week 34: Clowich (500) (O / H / 56), San Marino (75) (O / CL / 32)
Week 35: Pickford (200) (O / H / 48), Karshi (55) (O / H / 32)
Week 36 & 37: CW Open (1000) (O / H / 128)

Would suggest you have a crack at most of the Challenger events because you'll struggle anywhere else (they are the ones in itallics).


Cricketer Of The Year
And Maxum cracks the top 100, :D:D:D amazing what one good tournament at atp level can do. Kid will be rolling in sponsorship dollars shortly.


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Should be an interesting tournament in Gstaad this week, would expect to make the semis.