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Thread: CWPL 2 - Media Thread

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    CWPL 2 - Media Thread

    Cricket Web Premier League - Season Two Preview
    May 11, 2012

    Big picture
    The new teams and limited retentions from season one adds a certain lottery factor to the outcome of the league. It remains to be seen if the bat will dominate the ball again, and whether the emergence of the likes of Pattinson, Philander, Roach, Hilfenhaus and Bracewell will have a significant impact on the result.

    Significant doubts exist over Pouncing Kittens ability to take 20 wickets for the match. Much will rest on the likes of Jayawardene and Kohli to produce a match winning lead.

    The Mick Lewis Invitational XI retains a similar structure to season one in which they reached the final. Will Sachin Tendulkar remain as effective after limited returns in the past twelve months? Can Peter Siddle and Luke Butterwoth reach the same level of performance from season one?

    The Shakespearean Animals CC Trial XI have some glaring weaknesses. The experiment with Johan Botha as opening batsman is uncertain to last past the opening rounds. Can the retired Shane Bond perform at the level required?

    Andre Russell to potentially bat at 11 makes the side managed by weeman27bob a potential fan favourite for big scores. This team shows a resemblance to the strong South African sides of the 90's, with deep batting line-ups and numerous all-rounders.

    McGrath, Muralitharan and Andre Adams looks more suited to a XXXX Beach Cricket side, however this represents the core bowling lineup for Himannv.

    The Brudenell Social Club Pub Quiz Team is tipped to play on a wicket favouring spin. Herath may prove one of the bowlers of the league given his recent run of form.

    GIMH has managed to build an England only side,and yet pose a significant threat with some strong additions like Trott, Pietersen, Tremlett and surprise packet of season one Andrew Flintoff.

    Cabinet96 has a mixed bag for a side. Saeed Ajmal and AB de Villiers represent the only true "stars", however this team may perform well if some of the secondary players find form.

    Funky Town Monkey Pimps is the team to beat. Managed to rest Kallis, VVS, Shakib, Harris and Philander from the trial game, and still look a side that will win more games than it loses.

    Sparks With Laser Beams In Their Eyes is a team at the peak. An ageing lineup is asked for one last hurrah.

    The team with the long name is tipped for the wooden-spoon. The dual managers have selected favourite cricketers, however unlike the squad created by GIMH, have created the Bangladesh of the CWPL.

    With so many different combinations, this should be a tight contest.

    Form guide
    Winner CWPL1: Furball's Fenoms
    People's choice for CWPL2: Funky Town Monkey Pimps

    Watch out for...
    Vernon Philander was solid in season one. Since then has only gone from strength to strength with 7 Test matches deriving 51 wickets at the average of 14.15.

    Mitch Johnson will need to prove himself after being traded for first round selection James Pattinson.

    Stats and trivia
    - Turbulence managed only one victory in CWPL1. Team owner, Teja did not return for season two

    "You'd think that Asif would have a slightly better season than last..."
    Spark states the obvious

    "Heart over head the only sensible way to do these things. I applaud you Johnners."
    GIMH in an attempt to justify his entire squad

    "****ing Vimes. I don't seem to match up well against him at all for some reason."
    GingerFurball vents his fury despite winning Season 1

    "I've just realised I've drafted three keepers by accident."
    weeman27bob proving to be the shrewd drafter

    "Seriously considered Narine for ages. In the end I felt it might be too much of a risk."
    morgieb considers a bowler who averages 11.88 in first class cricket a risk

    "****ing Cribb"
    Eds the voice of Cricket Web

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    Love the quotes
    do you think people will be allowed to make violins?
    who's going to make the violins?

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    **** this **** ****

    Vimes attempts to get into the next batch of quotes
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    I read this one! Well impressed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    **** this **** ****

    Vimes attempts to get into the next batch of quotes

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    Best article ever.
    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    If GI 'Best Poster On The Forum' Joe says it then it must be true.
    Athlai doesn't lie. And he doesn't do sarcasm either, so you know it's true!

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    Well so will you said Ethel in a snappy tone and she ran out of the room with a very superier run throwing out her legs behind and her arms swinging in rithum.
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    Great article.

    Want to be the online Don Bradman or Ian Salisbury?
    Then join CW Cricket today. It's what all the cool kids desire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    **** this **** ****

    Vimes attempts to get into the next batch of quotes

    Good article there. Very enjoyable read.
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    Quality start to the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axl Rose
    The internet is a big garbage can

    RIP Craigos. A true CW legend. You will be missed.

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    I just tried to click the cricinfo links in the OP.


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    Not really needed on CW
    Good article, love the quotes at the end.

    Squirts ain't getting the wooden spoon btw

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    Great stuff. Didn't even get a mention though.

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    Great effort that mate (Y)

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    Great post, loved the quotes.
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    Adams Blasted over Trial Loss
    May 14, 2012

    Despite the Animals being in the game for the first 3 innings of their trial match, first-time coach Paul 'Frog in a Blender' Adams has come under attack for his unconventional coaching style, and inability to produce a result leading in to the CWPL season. Adams, however, defended his actions.

    "We were testing out a few different things; Johan Botha is extremely unlikely to open in the season proper, with Sam Robson showing some form and Alastair Cook being named our official captain. Additionally, we're not bloody likely to play two wicketkeepers and seven ******* bowlers. We aren't New South Wales FFS."

    His highly unprofessional diatribe came days after the Mick Lewis Invitational XI manager, Noble One branded the side as 'average' and having some 'glaring weaknesses' in his ESPNCricinfo column, itself written shortly after the Animals' 135-run loss to his side in a trial match.

    Shakespearean Animals Club Captain, Alastair Cook, quickly distanced himself from Adams' remarks:

    "What Paul says in interviews is entirely his opinion, and is definitely not representative of the dressing-room atmosphere. Peter [Nevill] and Johan [Botha] (who were co-captaining the side) were both unhappy with the way the side performed in the trial game, but both realised that this is the time to play around with things and test combinations, before the season begins.

    "Plus, I'd like to say that we are nothing like New South Wales, and throwing around such an insult is something we'll definitely be getting the Club to speak to Paul about. That is no way to describe the people you're coaching - it reflects terribly on himself as well. For the record, I'm not a selector but I'm pretty sure we won't be playing seven bowlers in the season - we have a top quality batting unit who will undoubtedly do extremely well for the side."

    Botha, when asked, echoed these comments.

    "We have a top-quality side. When you can remain competitive against a full-strength XI while leaving guys like Alastair [Cook], Faf [du Plessis], Trent [Boult], Darren [Bravo] and George [Dockrell] out, you're doing well as a team."

    CWPL Overview

    Form Guide:
    • Johnners' side, the Pouncing Kittens CC, is coming off a 256-run thrashing of the Cevno-led Sneaky Soldiers CC in the first trial game.
    • The Globo-Gym Cobras, diversifying away from fitness centres and dodgeball, posted an impressive result first up, with an innings-and-plenty win over the CWPL 2 favourites, the Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies.
    • Spark's Laser Powered XI were expected victors over the Three-Quarters-of-the-Alphabet Squirts.
    • The CWPL's DiscWorld representatives, Dynamo Morpork, vanquished the Furballs with ease. Binky was, as yet, unsighted.
    • Howe's Pub Quiz side knocked over the Hectic Glow, branded as 'having no tail' for a paltry 93, to run out victors.
    • Finally, the Mick Lewis Invitational XI comfortably took out the Shakespearean Animals CC.

    Watch Out for...
    • Alex Hales - how the **** did he do that?
    • Luke Butterworth - made 70 at above a run-a-ball and took crucial wickets.
    • Sunil Narine - 6 overs, 3/9 in the second innings of his match.

    • Michael Hussey's 138 in the Hectic Glow's first innings was more than the entire side made in the second innings.
    • Neil Wagner, Steve Magoffin and Stuart Broad are so far the only men to have taken six wicket hauls.
    • Alex Hales thus far has the only score in excess of 200.

    "Alex Hales, WTF?"
    Cabinet96 puts it eloquently.

    "Just noticed my ridiculous collapse. Oh dear."
    weeman27bob sums up his side's second innings with two words.

    "Impressed at the 93 all out at more than four runs an over. There's real commitment to stupidity."
    Howe_Zat is similarly critical of the Hectic Glow batting.

    "Bugs found:... Cevno's tail starts at 6. Ongoing problem."
    Cribb sums up the (sorry) state of the Sneaky Soldiers CC batting line-up.

    "**** this **** ****"
    Vimes succeeds in his attempt to get into the next batch of quotes (albeit the unofficial ones).
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