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Thread: Bowlers who you like/don't like to watch

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    Bowlers who you like/don't like to watch

    We have plenty of discussion on here about which batsmen we do and don't like to watch, but what about bowlers? Whether it's for the aesthetics of their action or for the deliveries they bowl.

    Personally, I always liked watching Mitchell Johnson, both for his action and for the fun factor of his unpredictability. Always enjoyed watching Warne too.

    On the flip side, I recently found Zafar Ansari particularly unappealing to watch
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    Used to hate watching early Zaheer with that exaggerated, idiotic leap of his which took away about 20% of his potential page. But I loved watching later Zaheer with his control and subtle movements.

    Never liked watching Murali, sorry. Love him as a bloke but his action just looked other worldly to me, and not in an asthetically pleasing way.

    Also liked to watch Johnson, mostly for the unpredictability factor. Enjoy Anderson, not so much Broad. Lillee had the best action to watch of them all imho, then Hadlee and Holding. There was also something both terrifying and compellingly beautiful about Garner.

    Hearth is awesome to watch imo. Donald was great, and I used to love watching Devon Malcolm - a right handed, Pommie MJ tbh. People say McGrath was boring but he and Pollock were great - economical, repeatable actions.

    For theatre, Steyn and them crazy eyes are sensational. And for sheer madness with what the ball did, Wasim Akram.
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    Loved watching Warne, weather he was setting batsmen up and owning them by playing mindgames, or when he was getting spanked by India.

    All the Pakistani great bowlers... Wasim, Waqar, Akhtar, Asif... Akhtar my favourite though, never ever a dull moment.

    My favourites though, are fast bowlers who visibly get on a roll and you can somehow sense they're about to run through the opposition.... Steyn, Ambrose, and Broad especially.

    Hated watching Walsh... ugliest action ever.
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    Wow baby, that gave me an orgasmic pleasure!
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    I've joined this forum, just so that i can agree with OverratedSanity...

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    In terms of sheer entertainment value and excitement


    Rabada is kinda getting there but sample size too small for now.

    I find myself watching clips of Holding, Thomson and Imran over and over again on youtube. Just a beautiful, artistic sight.
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    Could never stand Paul Adams or Colin Croft.

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    Waqar and Steyn probably the greatest to watch. They were artists.

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    I hate all the chuckers including unreported likes of Junaid Khan.

    I think James Anderson has a smooth action and also Willey

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    Of current players, Anderson at least in favourable conditions, and Steyn of course. Going back Holding, Imran, Donald and Waqar.

    Least favourite would be anyone who chucks (Ajmal etc) or non-turning, guileless 'spinners'.

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    Holding and Lillee are perfection. Fiery Fred looked great also from the old footage. Simon Jones more recently, and today, Rabada.

    I wouldn't say there are many I actively dislike. Bob Willis for instance had the craziest run-up and action but it was great in its un-orthodoxy. Finn is a bit ungainly I suppose, all sixes and sevens.
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    More like all sixes and fours.
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    Easy Waqar Younis

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    TJB really enjoys watching Nathan Lyon bowl.

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    To be honest Warne was the only leg spinner whose action I found even a little pleasing to the eye. Love Harbahan Singh's action with all the arm swinging. Alsova fan of Mitch Starc's action
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    Easier to name the guys I dont like watching bowl as I basically like every other bowler - Malinga for his action... Bumrah coz it just makes me realize how much pace he still loses out on. And most left arm spinners who hardly put their body through the delivery stride and of course, the filthier actions like Samuels etc.
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    Love watching Steyn, hate Rashid although the batsmen usually give good entertainment.

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