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Thread: England's Finest Leg Spinner

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    England's Finest Leg Spinner

    England's Finest Leg Spinner

    Either Doug Wright's figures don't tell the whole truth about his talents, or Sir Donald Bradman was prone to exaggeration. In this feature Martin takes a look behind the numbers
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    Thought be the title this was about Titch Freeman.

    I hadn't heard of Wright before zorax brought him up on the podcast. Had to take a moment to process the notion that he was more informed than I was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FaaipDeOiad
    Healy's attempts at analysis are just so good. Earlier he listed the percentages of deliveries that Broad landed in the "good" "full" and "short" lengths, adding up naturally to 100, and concluded that he was so successful as a bowler because he got every ball to land in these areas.

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    I remember somebody, it may have been Arthur Mailey (but I'm not sure) described his run up as being like 'a small boat rocking on a heavy sea'. Perfect description.
    There's a David Frith video which has him bowling Hasset with a perfect leg break (better than Bishoo's last year), but he was no doubt a victim of inconsistency due to the mechanics of his bowling action and run up. He was also a little temperamental according to Mailey.
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    On a bad day, Broad takes no wickets. Asif's bad days tend to be spent in prison.

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