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Thread: Cricket Fantasy Test Sqauds

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    Icon2 Cricket Fantasy Test Sqauds

    How the squads have stacked so far

    Round 1
    1. Red Hill-Sir Garry Sobers (1960s)
    2. longranger-Sir Viv Richards (1980s)
    3. Michaelf7777777-Shane Warne (2000s)
    4. honestbharani-Keith Miller (1940s)
    5. Sain Kopite-
    6. AndyZaltzHair-
    7. AldoRaine18-
    8. randycricfreak-

    Round 2
    9. Sain Kopite-
    10. Red Hill-
    11. randycricfreak-
    12. AndyZaltzHair-
    13. AldoRaine18-
    14. honestbharani-
    15. longranger-
    16. Michaelf7777777-

    Round 3
    17. Michaelf7777777-
    18. Red Hill-
    19. AldoRaine18-
    20. longranger-
    21. randycricfreak-
    22. honestbharani-
    23. AndyZaltzHair-
    24. Sain Kopite-

    Round 4
    25. Sain Kopite-
    26. Red Hill-
    27. Michaelf7777777-
    28. AldoRaine18-
    29. longranger-
    30. randycricfreak-
    31. honestbharani-
    32. AndyZaltzHair-

    Round 5
    33. AldoRaine18-
    34. honestbharani-
    35. Michaelf7777777-
    36. longranger-
    37. randycricfreak-
    38. AndyZaltzHair-
    39. Red Hill-
    40. Sain Kopite-

    Round 6
    41. AldoRaine18-
    42. Red Hill-
    43. longranger-
    44. randycricfreak-
    45. honestbharani-
    46. Sain Kopite-.
    47. AndyZaltzHair-
    48. Michaelf7777777-

    Round 7
    49. AndyZaltzHair-
    50. Michaelf7777777-
    51. Sain Kopite-
    52. randycricfreak-
    53. longranger-
    54. Red Hill-
    55. honestbharani-
    56. AldoRaine18-

    Round 8
    57. longranger-
    58. randycricfreak-
    59. Sain Kopite-
    60. Michaelf7777777-
    61. AldoRaine18-
    62. AndyZaltzHair-
    63. honestbharani-
    64. Red Hill-

    Round 9
    65. Sain Kopite-
    66. AndyZaltzHair-
    67. Red Hill-
    68. honestbharani-
    69. longranger-
    70. randycricfreak-
    71. AldoRaine18-
    72. Michaelf7777777-

    Round 10
    73. AndyZaltzHair-
    74. Red Hill-
    75. Michaelf7777777-
    76. randycricfreak-
    77. Sain Kopite-.
    78. AldoRaine18-
    79. honestbharani-
    80. longranger-

    Round 11
    81. longranger-
    82. Sain Kopite-
    83. Michaelf7777777-
    84. AndyZaltzHair-
    85. Red Hill-
    86. honestbharani-
    87. randycricfreak-
    88. AldoRaine18-

    Each Manager have 24 hours for a pick,after the preceding manager have picked his player.If a manager won't be able to post their picks within 24 hours,will be demoted to the bottom of that round.However,after demotion,the manager will only have further 12 hours for pick.Even if manager doesn't turn up during this 12 hours,meaning he has already wasted 36 hours,that team will be disqualified

    Meeting the decade allocation rule is a must,those teams that have not met those conditions,however will not be able to take part in the Knockout Rounds,and hence is disqualified.Its up to the team managers to ensure that the decade allocation rule,is satisfied.

    Feel free to ask questions on the main fantasy draft thread

    Draft Manager
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    Burgey is going to love this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    Burgey is going to love this!

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    We should have a separate thread for each round IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by honestbharani View Post
    Keith Miller - 1940s..
    Mate this is not where u make ur picks,your picks should be done on the other thread,this is just the results thread

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