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Thread: Pitch Classifications

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    Pitch Classifications

    Has anyone here, or anywhere, for that matter, classified pitches according to type? I'd be interested to see how they rate them and what grounds fall into what categories.

    I'd guess there would be spin, seam and swing pitches. What other types would likely be classified.

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    We have had lengthy discussions on the various types of road
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    There's a Young Wisden guide for English venues I recall seeing (written in 2011) -

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    The reason I am interested is so that Test Match Grounds may be categorised and then lists of which batsmen, bowlers have the best records by type. I have never been too fond of 'Mr E is best across all countries'. I'd rather see who is best across all types. Alas, it is not going to be me that can make this happen

    Diverging from the thread topic, how do I get a list of which grounds have the most results from games played there (i.e least draws)?

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    There's good wickets and bad wickets. Amybody adding on to that is trying to confuse you.
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