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Thread: Kyle Mills retires from all cricket

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    Kyle Mills retires from all cricket

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    The most underrated and under appreciated ODI cricketer of all time.

    Bye Millsy
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    Great ODI bowler.

    Always thought he had more to offer as a test 3rd seamer, but injuries didn't help. Would have liked more performances like this: 2nd Test: New Zealand v West Indies at Wellington, Mar 17-20, 2006 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

    Test highlight would be win over Eng at Hamilton, most commentators thought spinners would need to bowl Eng out on the last day, but great swing bowling from Mills had Eng 4-30 and the match was won. 1st Test: New Zealand v England at Hamilton, Mar 5-9, 2008 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

    FC highlight would be batting in his 3rd season, 2000-01, 606 runs avge 86, one 100 and six 50s. Average helped by 6 not outs from 13 innings. His average was over 100 for Auckland, but had a late season duck for NZ A vs Pak to drop it below 100. The Home of CricketArchive

    ODI highlights, too many to mention, may post later.

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    Congrats Mills on a wonderful career. He won me over after I thought he was a terrible bowler early on (perhaps in days when I was less forgiving with opinions too ). Became a very good ODI bowler and I was never surprised to see a new ball wicket with that little bit of extra bounce off a length, high on the bat and caught behind the wicket.

    I did feel for him that he didn't get a game in the world cup - it must be weird to be part of something so huge and important, but also not really part of it. That's team sport, though it's also unfortunate. Good luck to him in his future endeavours.

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    WC 2011 12th man performance. Never forget.
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    Millsy memory - 2004 (2005?) series vs SA at home, Michael Mason destroying their top order, Millsy the newbie bowling at Kallis/Pollock in the final over with 24 and 27 runs in the bank in consecutive games, and held on for the wins by a couple of runs each time, phew.
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    Excellent ODI bowler. My favourite memory of him is Pollock smashing him for 3 sixes in the final over of an ODI when they needed something like 25. Needed another six off the final ball and Mills bowled a perfect yorker and collapsed into his teammates arms in relief. Was a great visual.

    Edit: didn't see the post above me
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    A real shame he didn't get a game in the World Cup but there is no shame in losing out to the greatest new ball pair in our history. Definitely one of our ODI ATGs.
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    Should have played throughout the World Cup, should have....a lot of stuff. Perennially under-rated, wasn't nearly as bad a test bowler as people make out and was never properly respected as an ODI bowler.

    11 years ago he bowled a couple of bad death overs in games we still ended up winning and somehow that's the go-to memory people have of him. His biggest crime is probably that rather than winning us games with freakish spells of bowling he tended to contribute in fine but understated style to good wins.

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    Probably NZ's 3rd best ever ODI pace bowler after Bond and Hadlee.
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    but according to you guys he'd just keep rolling ffs

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    retiring before he could get called on chucking, smart move.

    i should probably stop mentioning that again and again hey

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    Pffft South Africa are such chokers.

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