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Thread: Whats wrong with Best and Edwards?

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    Whats wrong with Best and Edwards?

    Both of them are very passionate about their game, give 100 percent all the time, have a very high fitness level, can bowl at a very lively pace, good bouncers, adequate swing. Then why haven't these guys done that well?
    Need better guidance/mentoring?
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    Good thread this. It's a decent question. I've often watched them bowl and wondered why they seem to be bowling good enough spells but don't get wickets.

    I dunno if their flattish trajectory doesn't bother class players or maybe they just bowl a few too many balls which release pressure. But it seems weird to me they don't get more poles.

    Maybe their method is pretty entertaining, and that kind of clouds the fact they're not quite up to test level.

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    Hey, please merge the threads, i don't know how 2 threads got created for the same topics

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    Best bowls too short and lacks the ability to swing the ball, especially away from the rh batsman.
    Edwards is more complicated. Withe his skill set and pace he should be one of the better quicks in the game. He lacks discipline and fitness though and just hasn't been able to consistently put the ball where it has to be.
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    You have to say that lack of a brain might be to do with it, both seem to still do exactly the same as they did aged 21 and don't seem to have learnt as they have got older about how to adapt to various conditions.

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