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Thread: Your biggest CW epiphany

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    Would you like them here or there?
    Well that was cathartic for all involved I'm sure. If I can I'll put the photo on the Barnes thread.

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    A lot of people are really obsessed with fantasy XI's and individual statistics. Game results, not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debris View Post
    A lot of people are really obsessed with fantasy XI's and individual statistics. Game results, not so much.
    If I think about it, then the reason why I might be somewhat obsessed with fantasy XIs and individual stats is because I care so much about game results. Time and again, we have witnessed how individual brilliance is not enough to win in test cricket. You need a team effort, a prolonged period of excellence in a game, and more than anything else, you need to want to win, you need a strong spirit which does not break and give way easily. That is why I think of fantasy XIs which I know will not lose due to lack of spirit and skill, but only if the other side well and truly outplays the other.

    Think of the Aus 1998-07 side, WI 1975-88 side and the Aussie Invincibles and so on, yes there was individual brilliance but it was much more than that. See how SA are finally behaving the way Kallis and Smith have been urging them to do so for years, because of the Steyn-Philander-Morkel-Amla-Kallis-AB-Smith combo.
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    Only it'd be impossible to determine the spirit level of a team that exists exclusively in the realm of fantasy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    Not really needed on CW
    ^where asif and amir got their inspiration from

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