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Thread: The class of mid 00's

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    Quite scary that we are doing class of the 00's yet if you think about Joe Root who will probably figure in the next decades top players he wasn't even born when Tendulkar got his maiden test ton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Warrior View Post
    No, I just think there were a few other blokes who were better! Why do people only understand things in extremes? Never said Border turned into a cringing coward at the sight of a fast bowler! You know in between Donald Bradman and Marcus North is the realm where vast majority of great batsmen in the world exist.
    Missed my point.

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    I find the assertion that you'll find batsmen higher on the "courage/attitude" scale than Border very hard to believe. That's basically what defined him as a batsman.
    Didn't miss my point.
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    C'mon Man U.
    RIP Craigos

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    Cook I think will have an understated legacy that will not be fully appreciated until long after he has retired. When I think of the Cook of the '06-'07 Ashes compared to the Cook from '09 til present, I am gobsmacked at the transformation.
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