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Thread: The Ramifications of an India/Pakistan clash

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    The Ramifications of an India/Pakistan clash

    The Ramifications of an India/Pakistan clash

    by Angikaar C

    Cricket lovers are agog with excitement at the news that India and Pakistan may meet again, in December this year. But what exactly are the ramifications of the two arch-rivals clashing?

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    I just found that rhyming with "mummification" for more than one reason
    Member of the Sanga fan club. (Ugh! it took me so long to become a real fan of his)

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    I know all about the politics and all the reasons why they haven't played each other recently but I still think it's unacceptable - and should be for the ICC too - for two senior full members to basically be refusing to play against each other. The future tours programme should mean that everyone plays everyone else - this isn't South Africa in the 1950s (and if it means that England have to play Tests in Zimbabwe for the first time since 1996, so be it). If they were drawn against each other at a World Cup on neutral territory they would have to play. They could play the Pakistan 'home' fixtures in the UAE and India's in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh, if necessary.

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