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Thread: How many here find it odd that Graeme Pollock rates Sehwag as the best batsman

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    How many here find it odd that Graeme Pollock rates Sehwag as the best batsman

    It's really odd when a former Test player from Aus,SA or Eng rates a batsman from subcontinent that highly. Barring the trinity (Sachin, Dravid, Laxman), they're very critical about players from subcontinent on their performances on seaming turfs.

    And Sehwag vs moving ball is like watching Cullinan facing Warne.Enough said.

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    Next question:
    How many here find it odd that Boobidy rates turkey as the best poultry?
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    Not sure about that. I think Sehwag is more like his favourite batsman rather than the best in his opinion
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    yeah and it doesn't surprise me that he is a favorite batsman for anyone.
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