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Thread: International Cricket Captain: Forumer's Challenge

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    International Cricket Captain: Forumer's Challenge

    Earlier today I came across an old thread that had esteemed member Jamee999 simulate a game of International Cricket Captain with forumers involved. I'd like to do the same.

    I'm going to play through the 2005 version with a team of forumers, playing both Test and ODI series up until the 2007 World Cup. The aim will be to take a middling international side, and not only make them the no.1 side in the Test rankings but also to bring home the World Cup for CricketWeb.

    I'm looking for a squad, hopefully of around 15-18 members, so as there's competition for places and few changes for the Test and ODI teams.

    If you want to sign up, please do so stating your name, batting and bowling style and a total of 100 skill points, split between batting and bowling. Example:

    Name: Jake Howe
    Batting style: Right hand bat, lower order
    Bowling style: Right-arm fast-medium
    Batting: 10
    Bowling: 90

    It would be helpful to sign up as the right players to fill in the squad, such as if we've an abundance of seam bowlers, sign up as a batsman or spinning allrounder, and so on.

    I'm hoping to kick this off when I get back from camping next week.

    Who's up for the challenge?
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    Name: Mark Dean
    Batting style: Right hand bat, lower order
    Bowling style: Right-arm Off Spin
    Batting: 5
    Bowling: 95

    Will have to rely on some help from the RNG to make me the perfect Graeme Swann.

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    Name: Alasdair Riley
    Batting style: Left hand bat, middle order
    Bowling style: Slow left arm
    Batting: 95
    Bowling: 5

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    Name: Ishan Narang
    Batting style: Right hand bat, Top Order
    Bowling style: Right-arm Leg Spin
    Batting: 70
    Bowling: 30

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    Count me in, I'll sort my stats etc later

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    So like a follow up to the hugely successful Forumer World Cup? I'm in.

    Name: Mathieu Winné
    Batting style: Right hand bat, lower-middle order
    Bowling style: Right-arm fast
    Batting: 25
    Bowling: 75

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    Name: Michael Ballich
    Batting style: Right hand bat, top order
    Bowling style: Right-arm medium fast
    Batting: 70
    Bowling: 30

    RIP Craig Walsh (Craig) 1985-2012
    RIP Hughesy

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    Mine was far superior iirc.
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    Name: SP Phlegm
    Batting Style: Right hand terrible, lower order
    Bowling Style: Right Arm Medium
    Batting: 1
    Bowling: 99
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    Jeets doesn't really deserve to be bowling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnanden View Post
    Mine was far superior iirc.
    Nah, mine was.
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    Count me in. Will post stats later today
    Mark Waugh
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    Name: Daniel McGrath
    Batting Style: Left Handed, Opening Batsman
    Bowling Style: Right Arm Slow
    Batting Rating: 95
    Bowling Rating: 5
    My sworn enemy:
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    I hate s smith.
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    All hail KW, GOAT.
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    Name: VVS Noble
    Batting style: Right hand bat, lower order
    Bowling style: Right-arm medium-fast
    Batting: 5
    Bowling: 95

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    Michael Spark
    RH Middle order
    Batting 80, Bowling 20
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