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Thread: Global impact of IPL

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    Dunno about globally, but the biggest impact for me was an increased appreciation for the tests in WI and in England.
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    You need to clap a cows c**** over your head and get a woolly bull to f**** some sense into you.

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    Most of the people I know who've been following it in the UK have an Indian background. Given that it's on Setanta, who've now also got some India ODI's, perhaps that's what it's market is going to be over here.

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    Won't be possible to assess the impact for at least a year or so, for mine.
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    After seeing Channel 10's dismal coverage of the IPL here in Australia, it's so disappointing to see that Fox Sports lost out on the rights. Fox Sports would've done such a great job with their coverage.
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    I don't even know who won the whole thing. I might be more interested in the future. Many of the Indians at my work place don't really seem to care either.
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    Obviously if it was on fox it would get to less people.
    Channel 10 said they were happy with the response,and got a fair few adds in their,filled their expectations anyway.
    Sad domestic cricket not on tv blame channel 9,we be interesting if the APL gets signed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterblaster View Post
    After seeing Channel 10's dismal coverage of the IPL here in Australia, it's so disappointing to see that Fox Sports lost out on the rights. Fox Sports would've done such a great job with their coverage.
    Well, we have to put up with it for 5 years or so, but it's not inconceivable that old Rupert will buy they rights then especially as he's seeing how well Lachlan's doing from his IPL investment.
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    I think they stuffed up a good tournament.

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    Lost interest after a couple of games. International 20/20 is better and if Sky showed domestic 20/20 during the day it may well get more followers in NZ than the IPL did. It (the NZ domestic 20/20) was well received in the short time it aired over the summer, mainly because they were good games and included Black Caps.

    Would suspect similar results in other countries.
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