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Thread: Best cricket helmet

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    Best cricket helmet

    Hi there,

    I'm in the market for a new helmet. I don't really know too much about which the best helmets are, and I'm looking for some guidance! I don't really want to spend over £50, but if the difference in quality between the 1st class helmet and the 2nd is so great, then I would get the 1st class one.

    So, overall, which helmet would you say provides the best quality, taking into account cost.


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    The new style albion helmet is awesome, so light.. Google Albion.. Masuri also make good helmets
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    I think the difference would have to be in comfort/ fit rather than safety. I would imagine no helmet would pass muster if it didn't meet pretty rigorous safety standards.

    I'd just try a few on and get the one that's most comfortable to you.
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    I thought the Masuri titanium grille was the lightest at just under 500 grams. Is that correct or is their another one lighter than that available ?

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    Get a masuri. If not try and get Albion.

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    I use a Masuri. It is really light and I don't notice it. A good helmet is worth spending $ on. You can afford to skimp on the gloves/pads.

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