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Thread: Should cricketers be able to....?

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    Let me correct myself with the last part. Generally, as a batsman, you'll take on a fielder's wrong hand for a quick single. If they go to throw it with their wrong hand, then the chances of the throw - despite it being hard and flat - resulting in your dismissal is a lot less because the accuracy, combined with a quick release, takes years of practice to get anywhere near your natural arm.

    It might gain you an extra second in how quickly you get to the ball and then throw it, but the accuracy and power lost by doing it with your "wrong" arm could be gained back with the (better) natural footwork that you'd use to get yourself into a position to throw with your normal arm, the increased power, and the increased chance of hitting the stumps.

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    The reason people take someone on when it's on the fielder's wrong hand is because they know the fielder is not going to throw with their wrong hand - no precedent has been set here so we can't say for sure whether someone would still attempt the run, although my opinion is they wouldn't.

    From the fielder's point of view you have to go with the percentages, if you've no chance with one arm but a 10% chance with the other, then you take the 10%. Anyway as far as 3-day or longer cricket goes, you could consistently save 5-10 runs per game just by batters not taking the weaker arm on. From an average individual point of view you might get what, 1 run out in 20 games just as an average? Some of those again would be mix-ups and straight-forward from a fielder's point of view.
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    The problem throwing with 2 hands is the shoulder does not give force to the throw, hence its pointless.
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