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Thread: Stephen Fleming to claim test catching record??

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    Stephen Fleming to claim test catching record??

    Just had a look at the records and my pick is that Fleming will go past Mark Waughs record 181 catches, and could be the first fielder (non keeper) to bag 200 test catches.

    Thats working on the theory that he will play for another 4-5 years. He is now 32.

    Below is a list of those fielders with over 100 test catches. Fleming has 140 from 95 matches.
    Of the others on the list ...I don't think lara will play long enough and Dravid and Ponting seem to far behind to pass Fleming

    181 ME Waugh Australia
    157 MA Taylor Australia
    156 AR Border Australia
    148 BC Lara West Indies
    140 SP Fleming New Zealand
    123 R Dravid India
    122 GS Chappell Australia
    122 IVA Richards West Indies
    120 IT Botham England
    120 MC Cowdrey England
    115 CL Hooper West Indies
    112 SR Waugh Australia
    110 WR Hammond England
    110 RB Simpson Australia
    109 GS Sobers West Indies
    109 SK Warne Australia
    108 SM Gavaskar India
    105 M Azharuddin India
    105 IM Chappell Australia
    105 RT Ponting Australia
    105 GP Thorpe England
    103 GA Gooch England

    Any thoughts?

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    I think Fleming has hinted that he may retire after the 2007 World Cup. If he does, it will be very hard for him to break the record.

    Superb slip fielder though most of the time, but he has dropped some absolute sitters in his time.

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    Like most that are brilliant at something, Fleming generally makes slips fielding look easy.

    Would be a worthy holder of the record IMO.

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    I don't know why you think Dravid wouldn't catch Fleming. He's only a short distance behind and has 4 or 5 years in him at least. Ponting doesn't take quite as many per match, so I'd expect right now that Dravid would be the one to hold the record in a few years time. Fleming may well pass Mark first though.
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    I think Dravid has the best chance of all those to get the record. Ponting is not the same fielder and catcher he was 3 or 4 years ago.
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    No - or rather, very doubtful indeed.
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